Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Get your Jay's Shirt HERE

This is a pretty "interesting" incident if you've been following the news, but the chance of you buying a shirt only lasts for a few days. These are pre-order only limited edition one time only shirts I'm willing to make for you because the mere fact that you'll be able to wear this to the bar is priceless if Jay Wischman shows up!!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Everything Went Braaap !!!

Everything Went Braaap
Don't you just love how wonky Raymond's grip looks like it's totally throttling down?!?

Back in town. Will be catching up on all shop orders and everything Hazzard today.

(L-R) David, Lacey, and Steffan
Thanks for the memories!

Saturday, August 16, 2014


~ Labor Day Weekend ~

August 30th 2014 (Saturday) is the annual Lady Hump / Gasser Lounge MUGU ROCK RUN to the Ventura Nationals. We're meeting at 8AM / KSU 9AM from the Gasser Lounge, 1500 Aviation Blvd. Redondo Beach, CA., riding up PCH 88'sunny coastal miles to the Ventura County Fairgrounds! We're going to rock n' roll, it's up to you if you want to be part of it. 
FREE screened shop rags for the first 50 riders.

Monday, August 11, 2014

"Yeah, a Flare would have been... nice!"

This is our boy Jay! Great job Jay at getting those ladies back to shore... SORRY FOR THE COMMERCIAL BEFORE THE SHOW!

(If you've been to the Gasser or at the last Hazzard County (2), then you might know our good friend Jay Wischman who's a card and a half... and (evidently) a nautical sea Captain too. We're glad he and the "ladies" are safe and sound, fore it could have been disasterous otherwise... but now is the time for ribbing and verbal abuse!


Last week we were invited to a Sunday-Funday hangout at the Catacombs Garage in Williamsburg. It's a nice little working garage space for some local builders about a stone's throw away from Indian Larry's front door. Cozy space with plenty of tools and storage, a kitchen and a bathroom - as much as any Brooklyn garage wrencher could want. The neighbors hate us, of course. (their wifi name is Death_To_All_Motorcyclists, the yuppie passive-aggression is REAL) But, as far as the neighborhood goes, it's close to everything and it's a really chill spot to wrench and have a cold one. I could definitely see spending another sunny day out here. 

Obligatory Ladyhump Sporty photo

Friday, August 8, 2014


It's a simple run, from the Gasser Lounge up PCH all the way to the Ventura Nationals* show at the Ventura Fairgrounds. We'll meet at the Gasser Lounge (1500 Aviation Blvd., Redondo Beach, CA) 8:00 AM and KSU promptly at 9:00 AM. We'll shoot out to Santa Monica, hit Pacific Coast Highway, stop at Mugu Rock for a group shot, and tool it to the Ventura Fairgrounds (10 W Harbor Blvd, Ventura, CA) for the show. As always, everyone's welcome**, ride at your own pace, we all know where we're ending up!

More info on the MEET location or the EVENT location below:

* At the time I posted this, I couldn't find any info on how much it costs to park or get into the show...???
** the Gasser Lounge is 21/over.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Brooklyn Invitational 2014

It's happening again! The Brooklyn Invitational has just been announced for this year - September 20th, 2014. Builder List to be released imminently! Stay tuned....

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Lady Hump has the "Helping Hands" you need...

So you're stuck in a dreary dead end job in an exciting and growing high tech field? You can put a positive spin on just about any job application summary... 
"I haven't had a good bowl movement in days... let's go get some coffee?"
(you think quietly to yourself, "I'd rather shoot myself in the face... then smell you fart for one more day, but I've got a Sportster payment due next week.")

Or how about a job in the exciting field(s) of the "Green Revolution" (once you're elbows deep in it, you'll realize it's just a churched up "brown" revolution) naturally filtered coffee industry? Sure, there's prolonged exposure to sophisticated filtering agents (i.e., crap) but the taste is "simply irresistible" (que Robert Palmer)

Take a break from your shit career and take a walk on the wild side with these upcoming Lady Hump sponsored events across the country... there's one close enough to you and you might even win some sweet Lady Hump swag to wipe your hands off after a long day of toiling through the crap your boss gives you. Don't be that guy who complains "there's never anything to do"... or "I wish it was closer to me..." There's plenty to do, but you have to leave the house to do it!

August 16 & 17th
Kennebunkport, Maine

Sept. 5th & 6th
(near) Sweet Home, Oregon

Sept. 13th
Winfield, Alabama

Sniiiiffffffffffff..... "I smell my dead husband Mr. Jumbo!!!! Why do you smell like Mr. Jumbo white woman???????"

Man, and you expected this blog to grow up one day and be serious? We're getting dumber and dumber and it's too late to get off of this ride. Pish Posh...

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Still probably one of my favorite Shovelheads

I see this bike maybe twice a year out and about. Still, it's always one of my favorite Shovelheads. Glad to see it's still getting around (and I mean, how many bikes have you seen once over the years and never seen again... a lot.)

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Escape... it's not just a fragrance for men

 It's time to start mixing notes at Hazzard County and shooin' out the Riff Raff...

The top notes are eucalyptus, melon, Sailor Jerry's rum and juniper. The mid notes are sage, Curly Wolf, cypress, birch and Fartbarf. Base notes are sandalwood, oakmoss and sarcasm.

Love Potion #01
Brand it Hazzard County
Subliminal Serendipity
Beau Loves Luke
Adonis DNA

... Stay Trashy Hazzard County

I'll be borrowing time from the LadyHump over the next few months as I begin heavy petting with Gasser Lounge in getting this years Hazzard County ready. "If you thought last year was fun..." then I've already said enough. You know we got this.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Ride to "The Manor" - Upstate NY

Last weekend we had the privilege of being invited to our friend's new country place of rest and respite - something he calls "The Manor", up in the Hudson Valley in upstate NY. We got a chance to stop off in Sloatsburg, NY for the Rhodes Tavern biker bar and try those famous hamburgers. After an epic meal, we hit the road and made our way up to the Manor. Friday night was all about getting there, getting off the bikes and getting drinks. Saturday we spent the whole day at the swimming hole, and that evening we had a meal worthy of royalty. I snapped a few pics along the way. Check 'em out below! 

Rhodes Tavern

time to break out the whites

The Manor


Brandon (Death or Victory) and Sami under the willow tree

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Goodbye Schaidy (pt.3)

Alright Schaidy! Good luck to you in Oregon. By now you're already there and probably drinking art some new bar (might I suggest HERE for reference) We're all going to miss you!

Look, Jay the photobomber got one upp'ed by the dude behind him! Didn't see that coming...

Random shots from the Long Beach Cycle Swap / July 2014

Random shots from Long Beach 
...photobombed again

Cool battery placement.