Tuesday, April 15, 2014

It all happens on April 19th 2014, RISE ABOVE LOS ANGELES and WELCOME BACK JESUS

April 19th meet at Noon @ Gasser Lounge
Rise Above Los Angeles to the top of Mount Wilson.
Return to the Gasser before Midnight for the Welcome Back Jesus
No man knows the date and time of his triumphant return, 
but we know when he's visiting the Gasser!

Free "Cherub Angel" buttons

Free "Pee Wee the Baptist" buttons

Free BIGFOOT buttons? Why...???

Does Bigfoot live above Los Angeles?

Has he be instrumental in secretly directing Hollywood Cults?

Does he believe in Science?

Like Cain, the son of Adam and Eve, is Bigfoot forced to live apart from humanity above Los Angeles? A "Restless Wanderer on Earth" (Genesis 4:12)?

Did he really sleep with Mila Kunis?

Did he swim in your Altadena backyard pool and leave a ring of grime thick enough to grease a tractor trailer?

In Genesis 25:25 the Bible tells us, Esau was born covered with hair. His descendants, the Edomites may be that "missing link" people have been "In Search Of..." for decades, only to be found Above Los Angeles in these modern times? How convenient.

... and what would Bigfoot Ride?
A Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha, or Harley? A big Chopper made by Pauly Sr.? Perhaps he's been riding right behind you the entire time on a small British Triumph from the 1970's?

You think he likes strippers on Sunset Blvd., or the ever willing home alone housewife at the bottom of the canyon? He probably wears disguises when he goes out... 

All of these QUESTIONS and MORE, 
can and will, 
be answered definitively,
April 19th meeting at Noon @ Gasser Lounge


and for those of you wet in the panties, "He has a pretty soft beard for you to run your fingers through too..."

Still not convinced?

You will be by Midnight...

Back from the Future, once again...

Friday, April 11, 2014

Ladyhump NYC - Birthday Bourbon BBQ Ride

This past weekend yours truly turned dirty-seven, and what started as a way to cure our Sunday hangovers turned into a full on BBQ whiskey-fest. At about the crack of 4:30 in the afternoon, the gang met up at Lavender Lake on the Gowanus Canal in Brooklyn, had a splash of beer, handed out the brand new LADYHUMP NYC SHIRTS AND PATCHES, and got on our scooters to check out Frank Davis's new BBQ restaurant BEAST OF BOURBON. If you're in Brooklyn, and you want a bit of tasty hillbilly flavor, you need to come check that place out. 

Damon Boelte sporting the new Ladyhump NYC look

The Sunday Birthday Crew

Hannah and Ryan

Ace, Clyde and JJ. 
(Somebody thought Ace was so scary, they made him the bad guy in their new biker movie. 
He's still wearing the bulletproof vest from the shoot)
Damon, Leslie and Sarah

 birthday sugar for me

Beast of Bourbon
710 Myrtle Ave
Brooklyn NY


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Star Wars de Mayo 2014

::: Event thread up on the Chop Cult :::

Monday, April 7, 2014

Hark! The Herald Angels Sing... Rise Above, Los Angeles

April 19th 2014


One of the best paint jobs I've ever seen. Forget metal flake and pin stripping, those days are finally over. Flat Black can also turn in his Dance Card, you're all punched out... Baby Blues and Pinks are filling my dreams, and there's not a Chop Cult member in the JP that doesn't know I have a passion for taking Rainbows back from the Gays... "Oh yes I did. You're big boys now, learn to share!"

Photographed at the Garage Company, Inglewood CA., pre-Born Free party 3/22/14

Sunday, April 6, 2014

The year is already a 1/4 over... Where have you been, you've missed three rides already?

There's now only 16 copies of our 2014 Escape To Hazzard County Calendar left in the shop.

Still 3/4 useful... how can you go wrong? Plus you get all the dates for the Lady Hump / Gasser Lounge Rides and Events, ...including HAZZARD COUNTY 3

Never miss a ride again.


Just a couple pics from Beerbreed gathering with friends to head off into the North Drinks With The South 3 Run!!! Fun times. More (actual ride pictures, camping pictures, embarrassing pictures, my long winded ramble) coming in a feature article for Chop Cult at a later time... sorry, you gotta wait.

Note: Never give The Gnome your camera to throw him onto the roof to take ariel shots for you, all he does is tongue dart the lens...

Burro Burro Burro, who's got the Donkey Meat?

A little bit of Hazzard County up at 24Cycles 

Speed King Steve fixing breaks. Breaks are good. They help you slow down, and stop, and stuff too. You do kinda need them, every once in a while, while riding your sweet chopper...

... and then there's this great picture of Mikey on the HD trainer at Landspeed Motorcycle Shop learning the ins-n-outs of how to properly operate a Harley Davidson motorcycle. When he was finished, his high score granted him a motorcycle endorsement: Novice Level (aka) "Lil' Sporty"

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Tiny Dancer

Super skinny rad little solo Shovelhead at last months pre-Born Free party in Inglewood, CA.


Thursday, April 3, 2014

TATERZOOKA ~Money Shots~

Super stoked to have a Chop Cult expose' (and expose the truth behind) on The Shamruckus!
Read the report yourself on CHOP CULT ::: HERE :::
Thank you Chop Cult and thank you @Lisamballard

... and then for the cherry on the whipped creme' here's the video footage from the Taterzooka' Challenge too. Yes, my pretties, yes...

Pop that out if you can't see it all at once. Like a Zit.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

89 Softail FOR SALE

89 softail, titled as 89 HD, current tags in Arizona.
96 s&s motor, mikuni carbs and a ton more. Super high compression motor.
Every chrome piece ever...
If interested contact Savannah at:
Jackalope Trading Co.
etsy: jackalopetradeshop
insta: @jackalopetradeshop


Monday, March 31, 2014

Listen to LOVELINE tonight on KROQ 106.7FM

You miss it, you die.
Tonight from 10PM to 12AM 

I've been listening to the album all morning and I'm probably about to implode!!!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

NDWS no.3

Sometimes, actually all the time, things get really weird. We do weird. Weird does Us.
I'm processing nearly 500 photos. Man, things got weird... #funsucks
Just one more rad weekend that puts me even further behind processing videos and photos from previous-previous weekend events. #funsucks

Camping in McCain, Camping in McCain. Don't drop your bike Camping in McCain.

North Drinks With The South
Gotta do this! 
Hosted by the ever handsome @24cycles
40 bikes plus chase civilians

We travel to where cell phones don't work... except we keep getting text messages about Mexican cellular rates? Makes no sense at all... (Husker Du)

We tossed the Gnome onto the roof for some photographs.

I need an intern...