Monday, January 22, 2018

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Out 8th Annual Amateur Photography Book; THE DIY'CLINE Shipping NOW!!


We're excited to announce our 8th Annual Book is in hand n' shipping! Add this years book to your collection... 


...and they say "Don't you know, print is dead?" It kinda is, but this is a passion of love and we do it for the cause!

Support Grassroots. Period.

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Vinnie Vegas turns 50 and San Pedro throws a party!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHICKEN TACO!!!

Celebrating the 50th Birthday Party of our very own Vinnie Vegas!, and Jessica, and Rene (who got called into work and couldn't make his own party... tell that boss to take that job and shove it!)(but don't really). Happy Birthday all, it was a great night!

Harold's Place 1/19/2018



(Yep that's right, Vinnie plays in two bands! Whut?? Yep.)

Monday, January 15, 2018

January 19th 2018 @ Harold's Place USA, Come celebrate Vinnie Vegas, Jessica's and Primo Rene's BIRTHDAYS!!!

We're throwing a tooth chipping Birthday Party for some of our best friends on January 19th at Harold's Place USA! (that's San Pedro, CA.) The Real VINNIE VEGAS turns the Big 50!!!! We're also celebrating Jessica's and Rene's (of Helmet Division) Birthday's too!!! I'm not sure who's baking cakes, but there'll be some frosting to be sure!

btw, does anyone have a giant dick sized cake pan I can borrow?'s gotta be huuuuuge.

JANUARY 19th 2018 
21/over  $5 cover


Thursday, January 11, 2018

We're proud to announce our 8th ANNUAL Photography Annual!!! THE DIYCLINE

It's been 8 years since we started producing our own "annual" books! 

That's a solid DIY footprint by any measure. No advertisements. No sponsors. Just our own amateur photography collected and assembled in book form.... you remember print don't you? Let me introduce you to this years book; 100 pages, full color, perfect binding, photography from Nov/Dec 2016 all the way through Dec 2017.

This year we decided to call the book what it is, THE DIY'CLINE because over those 8 years, we've seen a lot of grassroots simply disappear or die. That, sadly is a negative... which in turn makes us value and cherish the positive all the much more. Why we carry a torch, and a camera, to the small events, shows, parties, runs, and rides. Why we build giant Brobots to burn in the desert and spend the time cooking and donating free chili dinners to events. Why we skip the bigger stuff that's covered enough elsewhere. Why we sing songs about Kool Aid. Why we keep keeping on!

Quick rundown on where we took pictures this year; The Alien Run 2017, Run To The Hills, The Beaver Moon Campout, Giant Rock Run No.6, El Diablo Run, Kitmas 2016 and 2017, bands, gigs, halloween parties, weddings, birthdays, Taco Moto Tuesdays (and there was a lot of them) and the musically infused Taco Moto Saturdays... and throw in some drag queens too. Imagine all of our blog and social media accounts throwing up on your face in your sleep. That's this years book. Sounds Yummy right?

And, there's been more than a few people asking for us to reprint the BOBBY shirt, so here's your wish come true!!! (remember, we only screen super small runs of stuff, so see it now, you might not see it tomorrow...)

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Wednesday, January 10, 2018


Another TOP ROP TUESDAY and it was amazing! 80's Wrestlemania playing on every TV all night long, Live music by: Burn The Bruja, Bella Novela, and Red Wizard at Que Sera, Long Beach.

TOP ROPE TUEDAY is the 2nd Tuesday monthly. Future info @passionoftherice on IG


Great surprise! Magoo on stage with Bella Novela!!

Monday, January 8, 2018


So just over ten years ago, I started regularly carrying a camera on the road and taking pictures at the various "chopper" events, shows, parties, etc. Over that time I've seen some pretty big changes (which personally I think suck ass, but without preaching too hard against the corporate influences now encompassing almost every aspect of the scene) from time to time, I'll be posting some shots that essentially are "ten years ago" retrospectives. You'll definitely recognize some of the bikes I've taken pictures of if you look close enough the next time you go to any of the "big shows." And over the last decade they might have changed, owners or looks, probably both, or maybe they've pretty much stayed true to their original builds? We'll see...

 In 2007 I met a regular guy named Matt from England who threw some parties and invited me to tag along. I met another local guy named Chris (who, in his own right, influenced me to start blogging). These pictures are from when me and Chris (aka Blue Collar Moto) rode down to Shakespeare Pub & Grille to attend a DICE magazine release party. 
January 2008.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

ALTERNATIVE FAGTORY No.3 at the Faultline Bar w/ LADYHUMP, Youth On Soda, Music by ADY

Had a great year ender' at the Faultline Bar for Alternative Fagtory No.3 Homo Anarchy! 3 Bands and 5 Drag Queens performing LIVE all night. Thanks Ori and Spike for putting on Drag / Punk shows! Awesome!!!