Sunday, July 24, 2016


The corporate event food chain cumulative

There was an old lady who swallowed a cow,
I don't know how she swallowed a cow...
She swallowed the cow to catch the dog,
She swallowed the dog to catch the cat,
She swallowed the cat to catch the bird,
She swallowed the bird to catch the spider,
She swallowed the spider to catch the fly...
I don't know why she swallowed the fly.
Perhaps our scene will die?

When profit margins
are all that matters
Events become marginalized
and no longer matter.

Saturday, July 23, 2016


~ Three Breweries in Three Hours ~
Beermuda Triangle Torrance

There's now enough Breweries in Torrance (and the immediate surrounding cities, and there's even more under construction right now coming...) where we can continue the ridiculously short Beermuda Triangles runs indefinitely and still keep the destinations in rotations where no one get's bored exploring new geometric triangle routes. Really just a chance to meet up with fellow riders and have some beer and conversation outside of the mega-event hustle and bustle. And then there's always that one asshole who say's "I don't like people enough to have conversations with them..." well, too bad, you're welcome too. Everyone's welcome to join Beermuda Triangles or start your own #DIY. These are NON-SEGREGATED functions (unless you're a minor, then your high and dry). I'm sure there's plenty of other beermuda virgin breweries out there just waiting to be ridden hard and put away wet [read: ridden extremely short and put away slightly intoxicated][legal disclaimer: although I'm not encouraging drunk driving, that's extactly why it's only three breweries in three hours, so you have more time to sample and less time to pound off a case of Coors and put yourself and others in danger. That's what overnight campouts are for am I right?]. 

July 22nd Breweries visited;
Scholb (Torrance) ~ Monkish (Torrance) ~ Phantom Carriage (Carson)

12 Breweries with at least 3 more under construction!

I don't know how Vinnie scored a PBR... that's Vinnie!

Thursday, July 21, 2016

...more margarine for stale bread

You can pay to be entertained or you can DIY

You can support corporate sponsors or you can tell them to fuck off

You can stand in long lines or you can cast caution to the winds

You can drink the Kool-Aid or you can mix your own Cocktails

You can exist to consume or you can Refuse and Resist...

Use your Freedom of Choice.

Taco Moto Tuesday ~ July 19th 2016

~ July 19th 2016 ~

Most of these pics from Taco Moto Tuesday by Lady Alizon

(and btw, fuck your corporate sponsors!)

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Remembering ARTURO ZAMARRIPA through his letters

It's been one month today since we lost Arturo Zamarripa to a careless driver making a left hand turn ending forever the bright life of one of the most caring people I have ever had the chance to cross paths with. I have often spoken of his uniqueness in our small community and circles of friends and of the letters he would write to me and Lady Alizon over the years. I'd like to share some of those on the blog over time, and although they're somewhat personal in nature, overall they speak volumes to being appreciative for what you have while you have it, and to most importantly cherish and care about your friends. Arturo always challenged me to stick with my beliefs and encouraged me to fight the good fights! One can say he was somewhat responsible in the direction we traveled together, although I'm sure he would argue the opposite.

"Some people believe in Angels, I believe in Unicorns."

~ Arturo Zamarripa

When Arturo traveled solo on his Fiddler's Green trip (2016) from the Pacific Coast to the Gulf Coast and back again, we received this short postcard from him. He summarized his trip like being in a dream he didn't want to wake up from. For more details on his trip, anyone can still read through his Instagram posts under the account @Lucinda_Blue_Velvet

Thank you Arturo for being part of all our lives. We love you!

These Arturo pictures are from the Giant Rock Run 2014

Wednesday, July 13, 2016


 ~ The Ladies of Taco Moto Tuesday ~

Taco Moto Tuesday celebrates Yadi's Birthday at Don The Beachcomber!
Happy Birthday Yadi!!!

Don, are you playing Pokemon Go?

...more Ladies of Taco Moto Tuesday