Friday, April 17, 2015


Steffan from Zombie Performance, as if he didn't have enough to do, with getting everyone their custom bars asap... has once again come through for us and crafted up some "alien trophies" for the this years ALIENRUN2015! Dude is a Duuuuuuude fo sure nuff'!

You aren't riding Zombie Performance bars? What's wrong with you (besides the obvious)?

Where and When?
APRIL 25th Rachel, Nevada!!!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Al Gore's beard is still Relevant GD it!!!

It's the classic story of meeting your future wife while driving home late from work on night, stopping at a red light and getting rear ended by some drunk chick on her way home from "singles wine & movie night" (and I mean sneaking a bottle of wine into a movie and watching it alone). It was an accident you met.

Somewhere in the early 2000's people got tired of the "mainstream" (before being tired of the mainstream was a "thing") and started a resourgance*, however small, of a beer brand that didn't try and compete with the sky box seats at the Superbowl. Instead, as accidents often do, just enough sales promoted a marketing campaign to the obscure elements in society. Pabst was back in the game, not since the 70's had they had a foothold to stand on. Now based in Los Angeles, we can pretty much blame Portland Oregon for the current success of PBR, where hipsters rule iconic, but in a much more anonymous way (opposed to the New York variety).

Nectar of the Hispter Gods ~ Chicago Tribune
a very funny read (although kinda old, 2011) especially when they quote people who "like the beer, because it doesn't taste like beer." Instead tasting like dirty water... HERE

Salon put it best in 2008; "Hipsters fetishize the lowbrow culture of the 70's and 80's..."

The guy sitting in the sky box seat at the Superbowl is the one who does. MILLER Brewing, how ironic is that? How does that mesh with your "DIY Chopper Culture?" Wait... we need a distraction. Let's blame the Russians! In 2014 there was widespread storied in major newspapers (USA Today, etc.) that reported PBR was being sold to the Russians. I can't think of any one more hipster than Rasputin the "Mad Monk" as a symbol on the label of PBR beer. But, alas it was a buyout that was but a myth... one that sounded obscurely enquiring, but lacked actual flavor (am I talking about the beer or the Russians? It doesn't matter.)

I'm sure there's someone that will pipe up with, "Well, I like PBR for the taste." I'm pretty sure in a luke-warm blind-taste test amongst other like beer brands (in the bottom of the lowend market) you wouldn't be able to identify PBR against it's competition. It's not a shame to admit you drink it because it's free... (at least at certain unnamed events).

Remember, no product will stay hip forever. You'll either change with the swing-stream** or continue to pay $12 for PBR tall boys at the local music venues...

Time for another distraction; This just in from the Smithsonian "We saved Al Gore's beard in a jar."
He created the Internet, he must have thus started the current trending of beards too... 
I'll let you decide (wow, that's an old picture. I think he's bald now?). If you blog about it, people will believe it.

* Resourgance defined; When something has a resurgence in popularity that that tastes sour in your mouth or memory.

** Swing-stream defined; when you flow with trends carried by whichever current is dominant. 

Monday, April 13, 2015

Benefit for JESSICA DULIN April 19th 2015

is April 19th 2015
Alex's Bar ~ Long Beach

Live music from
Freight Shakers
Curly Wolf
Linkd John Pope
DJ's Tommy Gunn and Wendy Lux
DUMPTRUCK will be hosting the whole got damn thing!

Lot's of raffle prizes!!!

 Jessica (center) the very first time I met her, when Lady Hump and the Gasser Lounge were running a pop-up bar at the 2012 VVMC Rally and since then, she's helped throw our Nightmare Before Hazzard County FULL COSTUME RIDES and attended every Escape To Hazzard County campout but the last one due to her pregnancy... (keep reading)

On September 18, 2014 Jessica gave birth to her first and only baby. This 6 pound 7 ounce boy named Hudson would change the course of her life forever. Hudsons' birth would prove to be more than just a miracle of life, but a miracle that would ultimately save his mother's life. 

     The following two months were filled with lots of laughter and love, but they also brought low blood count levels, four visits to the emergency room and numerous questions without any answers.  

     On January 14, 2015 Jessica had an appointment with a Hematologist to perform a bone marrow biopsy. She was to return on January 26, 2015 for the biopsy results. Two days later, January 16, 2015, Jessica was called into the Doctors office and was diagnosed with Adult Acute Myeloid Leukemia. 

     The next few days we began to prepare for battle!

     On January 19, 2015 Jessica was admitted into 
Long Beach Memorial Hospital and she began Chemotherapy on January 20, 2015.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Pick Your Poison...

and if you still can't pick on that just sums it up in a nice "little package"

Feel free to make your own!

Monday, March 30, 2015

Pics from the LBCS March 29th 2015 (pt.2)

The Long Beach Veterans Stadium Sea of Baggers... So imense in it's collection of violating Baggers that Oceanographers gather in Long Beach to study the migration patters and twin cam ocean currents culminating in this single area. "Amazing" as the French would say (add accent).

An actual Oceanographer studying the incoming Bagger tide... within several hours, the invading tide withdraws and subsides. It's a very very facinating science to study.

"The Bagger Tide"
NEW on the Discovery Channel
Tuesday's in May (2015)


Have you seen this bike? It's a HighNoon Classic Sportster that's featuring a TOP OF DRAIN Jockey Shift kit...

more info on getting yourself a jockey shift kit @TopofDrain (on Instagram)

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Pics from the LBCS March 29th 2015 (pt.1)

Tough as nails little Sporty!

These two kids (above) always causing trouble... I called the Event Security, but they didn't show up in time to apprehend them. And when they did, they're all like, "There's nothing we can do if they're just being annoying..." I was like whateva'

 Lady Alizon slinging Lady Hump books! Thanks to everyone who came out and bought a book!

24Cycles taste testing the highest octane rocket fuel I've ever tried! I sawd Gawd Dawm!!!

Now here's a Single done right!