Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Long Beach Cycle Swap July 26th

You start to think all I do is steal pictures of Sportster to blog up here. Nah, that's where you're wrong. Went down to the Long Beach Cycle Swap Sunday (7/26/09) and took a whole bunch of Sporty shots. Here's a link to them all. I also scored a nice little peanut from a guy named Doc. And when things were really starting to get good, I got called to work for overtime. No complaints, I got a job and I'm a thankful man for that in this economy.

God Bless the U(VW)SA!

Capture the American dream baby. Hold it tight and never let it go!

Introducing the BAB title

The bar has been set at BAD ASS BASIC level right here folks. Nothing more than needed. Nothing Less. BAB.

Bronson, and Bronson, and ...

Then came Bronson... and again and again...

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

You Drive Me Ape Ape

Drove down to San Diego to visit my favorite MADE IN AMERICA leather store.

Monday, July 20, 2009

If a Bike could Think Out Loud.

"I'm bad ass yellow. They call me Mr. Mellow."
"4,508 people walked right past me to look at that $50K pile o' turd on the other side of the lot..."
"Keep walking boys. This bike is too much man for you."
"No. It came this way from the factory. Two words for you ass; B. Dalton."

What She Said

Sometimes I see a picture and I immediately get this, "here's what they're saying" kinda inner voice talking to me...

"Wait. Let me get this straight. You're dumping me for this bike...?"

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Arlen Ness

Arlen Ness sportster on Craigslist Central Call for $9500. Snatch!

Major Drama In My Life

Here's my current set up. Biltwell frisky bars. The best damn bars on the plant. And yes, thank you for pointing out the obvious. They are too cluttered. But I love them.

Here's a teaser of Biltwells Window bars. Dang nabbit, I haven't been this excited since the Phantom Menace sneak peaks and I haven't been so giddy since we traded Manhattan for a box full of costume jewelry! Yee Haw.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Overseas American

Happy Happy People

Owner? The Wolf

"All the better to SEE you with my dear..."

Just add Sex

(Please note, there is a Sportster in this photo). When on vacation simply add "Sex" to store front painted signs. It's sure to make your foreign adventures more rememberable and make you lots of new friends. I don't know if this place is real. Anyone have inside pictures?

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Another Best Of

I keep saying it, but I keep doing it too. I try (...TRY...) not to steal pics off the jj2. But it's my favorites so, here's another BEST OF shot classic photography at it's best. You can find this pic on page 105 of this post. It's beautiful.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Unicorns spotted over Torrance

I've had a stroke of guiness. I've finally decided on my uber cool tank art to combat all you lace boys with your candy flake tank jobs. I'm calling on the power of the Unicorn to inspire me. I'll create the most awesomeness Unicorn crappin' rainbows ridding dolphins karate chopping evil crows you've never seen! By golly, just you all wait. (Estimated time of completion, as soon as I find a suitable tank and a airbrusher... anyone???)