Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Not your fuzzy Elmo

Found Elmoto on this blog. Tons of pictures, mostly cars, but that's forgivable.

Theory on Self Control

It's time for you to pick up your battle axe and take it to the man. Do not forget your check book. You can't buy cool.

What Is Sexy!

These are Sportsters.

Meditate on it. Let the whiff of the burnt oil travel through your nostrils until you think you hear the sound of an ironhead in the distance. Only then will you be at peace with the world around you and protected from the factory scientologists that search this earthly realm for souls to devour. The spear you wield will be your trusty staff. Hold onto it, along with your orbs of power, as you battle this monsterous baheameth of nostalgic terror. And an order of french fries, well done please.

Darn' Delicious!

Get OFF the Factory already?!?

Stop trash talking Harley and get back to Sporty Gooeyness!

Raw and Radical

Harley-Davidson Sportsters like the Forty-Eight have retained an aura of rebellion since their introduction in 1957, when the foundation of custom culture was being laid by military veterans, swaggering greasers and anyone else with a gritty garage. Sportsters became an iron canvas for many legendary choppers of that hot rod era and beyond.

"Yep all those "youth market" buyers are going to hop right off their sport bikes and gobble up yet another redressed Sportster. What HD needs is something that will really appeal to that class of rider, something more like the Buell. Oops!"

"Harley has a unique distinction in the industry and in American tradition. You don't see many enthusiasts sporting Yamaha or Suzuki tattos do you? Harley's is a history and loyalty that few other brands have ever enjoyed. While it may appear that the base is aging, new riders will continue to be attracted to the new dark customs, and to the Harley "mystique"."

Here's some Brit giving the new Sportster a vocaljob. He says they're "Quite Nippy Too!" (I guess it's lost in translation from british to american, but it's nothing nippy what so ever.)

"If want to buy a bike as a starting point and then have to replace every fucking thing on it then I would say go ahead and buy one. If you want a bike and just be able to ride it don't bother
Come on HD pull your fucking socks up"

Fun Little Guy

Why is holding onto the car? Harley! Do you endorse this type of dangerous life threatening liability behavior?

“It’s fun—fun little guy!”—Sean Eaton

TRANSWORLD: Harley Davidson marketing ploy. Give a skateboard magazine a new bike and have skaters review for uber pitched tents among the dweebs. Some pretty good comments;

"finally...a bike that is not a douchebag bike."

"What's next? Review the new gatorade flavors? Come on...... so brutal."

"Sean Eaton sucks at skating so they give him a harley to test drive? Why.."

Why indeed? I do not know anything about Mr. Eaton. Skate'n (in my old ass opinion) died about 1988 regardless. Way the hell before anyone ever said "SK8" seriously (ha ha). There's two sides of skating; a.) if you rock, you rule. b.) but, you'll never be original if you already weren't. You're just a "carbon." Getting too far from the bone in this diatribe. I'm going to load some old photos of the skater generation from the early 80's and write a dessert recipe for the youngsters one day soon. Put that hat in your cookbook.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Planning the REST of the Year

The year is filling up quickly, make your plans ahead of time and wave off death's cold grip for another season mate'y!
I'm going to throw a date-bar on the side-bar to keep track of everything cause it slips by when I'm not paying attention.

Primer Nationals website

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Funnel In The Tunnel

This is a great picture from Joe's EYE on flickr. The facial expression is perfect, the thumb is perfect, the choice in bikes is perfect. I'm giving this my vote for best Sportster Picture of the year for capture and attitude (not that my vote has any meaning, but this picture is pretty cool).

Southern California weekend coming up!

Have the (2nd week) new Gasser Lounge Bike Night this Saturday and Long Beach Cycle Swap Meet this Sunday. Should both have perfect riding weather (as 99% of the time).

Now, as you've read, and obviously you care more about this blog than you do Obama's mouth moving on television (admit it), I laid to rest my camera. It's 4 days for replacement and counting.


Read more here.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

R.I.P. My Camera

Went to the Venice Vintage Motorcycle Club (3rd Sunday) Monthly Ride from Venice to Neptune's Nest for Ice Tea and Lunch.

Now, the sad news. My Camera is Dead.
It happened innocently enough really, you see I have no rear fender and I like hanging stuff off my butt while I ride. One thing led to another and my belt suddenly constricted around my waist like a 50 lb. BBQ binge attack or an anaconda serenade, you see I crushed my own camera. I am a FAIL. These pathetic pictures were taken with my cellular phone.

Local Bike Nights

I hit them to spy on the Sportster phenomenon. They're Out There. Believe.

Thursday, March 18, 2010