Friday, April 30, 2010

Thursday, April 29, 2010

It Might Help To Know The Local Jive

Spanish as a Second Language Assistance:

Excuse me. I seem to have lost my party. I'm looking for a group of motorcycle enthusiasts. Did you see which way they went?

"Disculpe parece que he peridio a mis companeros . Estoy buscando a un grupo de mostociclistas ruidosos. Usted vio en que direccion se fueron?"

Pardon me. I seem to have lost my wallet. Can I run a tab at your fine establishment for something meager to sustain myself on?

"Perdone . Creo que he perdido my billetera. Podria usar mi tarjeta en su exculusivo establecimiento, pero solo para alchool?"

I would like to order refreshments for me and my friends. We are very thirsty.

"Me gustaria ordenar otra ronda para mi y mis amigos. No no estoy borracho!"

I'm sorry, I did not know that the hotel room was for hotel guests only.

"Nadie me dijo que no podia parquear mi motocycleta en mi habitacion y cambiar el aceite."

I believe Room Service has my laundry?

"Alguien me ha robado mis pantalones nuevamente!"

I had a wonderful time visiting the petting zoo.

"Yo no se que piensa usted que vio, pero puedo asegurale, que mi intension no fue molestar a su burro."


Parking lot behind Roscoe's for the Spring Issue Release Party of Street Chopper Magazine.

A Scrub is a guy who can't get no Love from more pictures.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Street Chopper Issue Release Party

4/10/10 Roscoe's. More when I find some time to condense the milk and butter the toast. I drove by the place 3 times looking for a dive bar. Didn't expect the place I found. Parking lot full of Gold...


Major Tom reports that this site has some pretty nifty and thrifty Sporty's. It's a Brit thing.

Glory Restored

Ironhead photographs taken at the April 11th 2010 Vintage Bike OC monthly "lunch." There was ONE Sportster representing. (I think there may have been a Nightster show up too?). Isn't this a true work of art. Remember when America was a good place to buy a bike from?

She Was Hot Because We Were Virgins

In the morning we thought, my God, what did they do? But, it was short lived. T.V. in Los Angeles is quick to follow the fly.

I thought there was yet another chance to impress the ladies, yet, strangely, I found myself alone.

Your shirt Communist! I must have it! Buy Lady Hump Shirts and be "IN" with the "Out" crowd. Wait a minute, that shit sounds gay???

Surfing Dark Water

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Quad is a Four Way Something?

There's REAL Sportster websites, and there's me (here). I run a sarcastic pimple on the ass of the worlds greatest bike ever built by mortal man. Lest ye be deemed worthy, do not test ye self on the pages within this link sire.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Cock Eye'd Trouts

Too much of some, not enough of the other.

Bend that sissy bar back up to the upright position.
Something is sickle, but it's not this bike.

Worlds Best Cycle Swap

Some have said it, and thus it must be true. That, this Cycle Swap is by far, the best monthly cycle swap in the entire world. That's because we grow bigger and healthier vegetables in Southern California, because we embrace a culturally depleted heritage, and adapt to new trends with the ease of slipping on a Pakistani leather biker vest and rocking it till we drop!
There's a never ending supply of overpriced relics and Taiwanese plastic RePop. The truth of the matter is, this swap meet SUCKS. Do not come here. You will be disappointed. You are better off picking barns on the east coast. (all this hidden gold is for US! Go Away!).
Editors Note: This bike is NOT a Sportster. But, it rocks as hard and the best! Take a minute and breath it in, and do by all means inhale. Hold it, hold it... hold it. It's Gold Baby. Pure Gold!
I've finished loading all the pics from this months meet that I'm going to share here, but again, this place bites white dried dog turds, go away now.

Love this Sportster

Looks like someone got himself a panhead ticket?

She's a beautiful snowflake. (Larger pictures here for wallpaper and posters)

Half a Sportster...

... is better than no Sportster.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Four Square Weekend

Long Beach Cycle Swap 4/25. More of this Bithin' Sporty to come.
The "other" Allen (?)
Gasser Lounge Bike Night ~ Every Month on the Last Saturday 4/24
Santa Fe Importers ~ Last Saturdays
Beatnik Blowout, Ventura Ca.

Beatnik Blowout

Just a few to hold you over till after the Swap Meet today and I have a chance to work on the photos I have from the last 5 or 6 events... these were taken at the Beatnik Blowout on 4/24/10. I'm heading out the door the to Long Beach Cycle Swap right now. Bring your monkey.

Friday, April 23, 2010


Though the Harley Davidson owner(s) rarely look alike, they share several common characteristics. They commonly wear clothing with a sophisticated logo imprint, which allows them to recognize and identify with other Harley Davison owners. This imprint usually appears on tattoos, t-shirts and leather goods. Leg chaps, leather jackets, and riding vests particularly in later appearances. Adornment with cloth patches and sometimes “metal pins” also indicates a hierarchy level within the group. They also usually have most if not all of their clothing a black or a custom dark color, giving them an almost zombie-like appearance. Said skin was originally dry and human-looking, but it later had a more "slick" look to it, with the addition of leather safe luster lotions and chrome polishers. The character template is based on the 100 plus year old "bad guy" image who “don’t do fear” of historical motorcycle owners, with influences from a wide variety of sources including but not limited to San Francisco’s Castro Street, World War II fighter pilots, Rob Halford, and Sha Na Na.

Owing to their authorized factory purchases, from leather handlebar grip covers with fringe caps to the almost mandatory “guardian bell” all HD owners feel far superior then non-Harley Davidson owners to varying degrees (depending on their accessory level and popularity within the HOG). However, they never ride-hard to their destination, and hence most other bikes can outpace them. HD owners are resistant to non-HD commercialism, being completely immune to any brand deviation.

Individual HD owners rarely ride solo except in cases where such transportation is necessary. Instead, they travel in small to large groups, sending a collective visual and audio message through their stylized dress and engine sound, particularly the exhaust mufflers to any commuters or pedestrians, drowning out the information from the evening news, declaring their aged-old historically accurate collective decry: "So Screw It, Let’s Ride!”

Three events coming up this weekend with lots of pictures to take. a.) Beatnik Blowout, b.) Gasser Lounge Bike Night, c.) Long Beach Cycle Swap. See ya'll there in chaps and berets!

Correction: FOUR events, add Santa Fe Importers to 12:00 noon Sat. ... it's a good thing speeding is not illegal.