Monday, May 31, 2010

It's Personal

Both of my Grandfathers served in World War 2. One of them tried to sign up at 18 and was told he was near deaf in one ear and would not be able to join the Army. Two years later, when things were not looking so good, he answered the call again. This time there were more than eager to overlook the hearing issue and throw him into the mix. He left his wife and child home alone in Hawthorne, CA. His wife assembled bombs on a factory floor for a nickel a day or some crazy amount. He was 21 and the oldest person in his ranks. He was sent to the Pacific where he Island hopped his way toward Japan as a field medic expecting to drive straight into a shit storm. I recall childhood stories of Dirty scissors, lost limbs, morphine, and direct pressure that upset my Grandmother to no end. He'd show me the scars along his back and buttocks where the molten metal rolled along his backside as he lay face down in a foxhole. He did eventually go onto the Island of Japan once the bombs were dropped and then tended to the survivors. I was lucky enough to have two relatives that made it home from the Pacific Theatre. I sincerely thank all those who made the ultimate sacrifice that did not make it home, from all the wars the U.S.A. has manned up for, on this Memorial Day. Thank you.

For those of you who have less than Patriotic feelings on the subject. Get a fucking clue.

Santa Fe Importers

Finished loading the "left-overs" from the 5/29/10 lunch at Santa Fe Importers. Just if you are interested, and of course, it's worth "hitting" if you are free on the last saturday of the month. The food is top notch and the company is ruthless.
Stole this pic of some retard from (new) Blue Collar Moto, only find it funny cause I know I was standing in the way of about half a dozen of his shots. I took to the street while he stayed on the sidewalk. Make sure you visit his blog daily.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Weekly Los Lobsters

Vote Now! Bring Back the Slab City Riot!

Girl on a Bike

Santa Fe ImSportSTers, Long Beach, CA. 05/29/2010. This monthly luncheon is growing in leaps and bounds, but to be honest with you, it needs more Sportsters. Everything needs MORE Sportsters.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Where You Plant Your Fat Ass

These two pictures are taken off the Old Gold Garage Co. Blog. They are a King Cobra style Evo Sportster seat, allegedly due to hit the market end of the summer (can you say Primer Nationals?). Looks pretty bitchin'!

I'm waiting for the Biltwell Sportster seat to hit the market myself, I'm also down for the Eternal Combustion Sportster seat (I like the diamond version)(see previous post from May 18th).

I say all this and I'll be riding the Biltwell 500 on my stock (over-stock more likely?) big ass seat cushion enough to raise me 5 inches off the bike... anyone want to donate a prototype seat for the ride in return for a hundred pictures and a trip / seat review, let me know. I'll return the seat upon successful re-entry into the country. Shameless, I know...

Dumbing Down of Harley Davidson

Just like America (and for those of you who are viewing this blog from a non-U.S. location, I mean the U.S.A. when I say "America."), we used to make a good product. The classic lines of the Ironhead are far beyond anything named Nightster or IRON 883. It's like Captain America, he was a comic book Icon. So who does Marvel/Disney get to play him in his first movie? Recycle the Human Torch actor into the Capt. America role. Good idea. Sure, if the viewing audience is ignorant, blind, and stupid. They'll never realize it's the same comical actor in two Marvel movie franchises. That's where The Factory is at today, recycling a classic and just not hitting the mark. Sure, you can compliment the 48'er as a up to date version of a classic (but it's not really up to date technology wise anyway). You can give Dice a 883 to chop up and make cool, but it's still only cool because Dice (or someone through them) did it.
So if you have the chance in this economy to buy a new (used) Sportster cause you dig the girl bike as much as the Lady Hump does, try Craigslist, ebay, or the local motorcycle swap meet for the bike that is today only a modern day imitation of itself. Pre-1984 Ironheads, or pre-2004 non-rubber mounted are the easiest to get at nearly 1/3 of the price of a new Sportster.

Know When To Fold Them

This is not my Sportster. I'll see you at Santa Fe Importers tomorrow for lunch and pictures.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Cant Find Either...

I'll Slab and raise you a City.

Side note: Long Beach Swap Meet parking lot incident ~ someone pulled my brake & running & ground wire out of the back of the Sportster last Sunday. They were zip tied in and it could only have happened if someone intentionally pulled it out. Still having a hard time believing that anyone there would have done this? but, it's the only place I took her on a shake down run before I noticed it. Anyone else ever have mystery work performed on their bikes at the LB cycle swap?

and, yes... I already considered ... that SAMCRO may have been behind this.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Near Perfection

Nearly complete time machine ready to blast back to the future!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

You know May is almost over when...

... we have the Long Beach Cycle Swap. Plenty of Sportsters and Fat Back Tires for sale. The average Sportster was between $4K-8K (and 8K is WAY OFF the mark) and the average Fat Back was going for an asking of $12K-22K~! ... just keep walking, just keep walking. I'll have to wait a couple days to upload all my shots to flickr, cause I've gotta run off to something called work.
Los Angeles Times 4/18/2010 reports that for the year motorcycle sales (new) this quarter v. same quarter last year are down 4.6%. But, looking back at 2009 total motorcycles sales from the prior year were down 43.2%. The article did nothing to mention that in 2008 gas prices were butt-poking $4.00 a gallon and you were forced to buy a motorcycle if you expected to travel to and from work and still eat better than canned beans.
The best selling bikes this year by Harley Davidson were the Dyna and Sportster models. On the other hand, the article did mention that bike buyers were opting for USED instead of NEW, just like I've been blogging about till custard comes out my nose... and as for the Fat Back Tires, it looks like they'll stick around for some time to come. The Bell Bottom Bikes of the 90's. Nobody is riding one, but everyone has one in the back of the garage with a For Sale post up on Craigslist.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

more GARAGE COMPANY Sportsters

See post below for Grand Opening Party date/times. This place has a fantastic assortment of old vintage original parts and bikes for sale. I did pick up a fantastic deal on some Shovelhead Struts! This is one more event you should add onto your calendar for the year. The history alone in this place is worth the visit. It's like a museum!


GARAGE COMPANY 956 W. Hyde Park Blvd. Inglewood, CA 90302

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Butter Fingers

Los Lobsters in Gasser Nights

New Comic Strip

I'm going to start doing a weekly "Los Lobsters" comic strip on the Lady Hump. It'll be all about the wacky antics of a group of Sportster Loven' Hot Butter Drinking Lobster Bikers from Redondo Beach, CA. Expect things to Sizzle! You'll meet "Chester" the Mino Molesting leader of the gang, "Slippy" the butter'holic comedian, "Butch" the Beef Cake of the reef, and "Hot Saucy" the egg laying Blue Lobster who rides her own Sportster cause' she's vowed never to ride Bitch again!

Pre Flight Checklist

Today I start the pre-flight checklist on the confirmed Biltwell 500 Lady Hump. Represent.

Still looking for that mid 1980's set of pleather saddlebags you've got rotting out in your garage, let me rub some insta-shine on them and pack them with meaty goodness for a Mexico excursion.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Eternal Combustion

Take a look at the Eternal Combustion website (shop) and hit the "Seats" link. You'll see a mighty pretty Sportster seat in the works.


Saturday, May 15, 2010

El Segundo, CA

Swung by the Gasoline (in El Segundo, CA.) Screaming California 5 - Art Show. Pretty neat stuff hanging on the walls.
Large image (above).
Bad Ass. (If it was a Lobster, maybe I would have bought it...? who knows.)

1977 Harley-Indian


Washington DC

1960 HD Sportster under $5K on eGhey right now. That's (again) less than half the price of a new 48... You've all heard my diatribe on new Sportsters. BUT,,, If you've got the balls and the ability to set a VCR, take an effective shower in the morning every day, and eat using common utensils (knife, fork, spoon), YOU can handle a bike like this! Fookin ride some soul!

These Guys Scare Me


Ripping little Sportster. Respect. (It must be all the scary tattoos these cats have?... that or mad skills. Visit their website in awe.)

Deep Purple Groin Tickler

DEEP PURPLE on eGhey right now. Worth a look for the additional photos. There's some pictures of Willy Super G-Spot there too... If I could read his mind, he was probably thinking, "Wow! What kind of bike is this?"
Fantastic Sporty Choppy!

Bike Drunk Bike Tiger

Meow!!! (