Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I just got off the phone with the Pope.

He want's his hat back.

(Don't mistake my sarcastic mouth for dislike. I like it.)

Outside and Down the Streets of BORN FREE 2

I'm about half way done loading the Born Free 2 show pics I took. So far I'm at about 473 or an expected 800-900. That's a lot of pictures. That's a lot of bad assery bikes! Born Free 2 loaded up the block they closed and bikes spilled out onto surrounding streets. I had to take a walk about two blocks each way to snap some of these photos and (for me) it was worth it. Sportsters were everywhere I looked.

Superhero's Where Art Thou? ...or is it thee?

Fine lines. Cheap Wine. Send in your stolen, rollin', or bowling porn pics.
I'm closer if you need a hand or a hug.

Stolen (*pics)

Asphalt Squadron the Sportster get's it's due respect people. Right here. Notta Nightster. Notta 48. And Notta IRON 883. FTF! (* these pics liberated from the oppression of the interweb.)

Monday, June 28, 2010

One Year Old Brat

You turn One Year Old and all the crazies come out of the woodwork.
Seriously: Save me an XL t-shirt!

Lawn Beech Supra Staas'

Most Bitchin' Magazine Rack, not to be confused with a female rack.
Sweet Hot Tamale and Bad Ass Rear End Award Winner!
Most Color Coordinated Ironhead/Helmet and Parking Against The Lines!
Highhhhest Bike Award and most Rippenest' Chain Drive!

Friday, June 25, 2010

No Other Post Necessary Today...


See for yourself SLAB CITY RIOT 2. Biltwell puts on the best ride in's ~ camping trips!

My pictures from last year.

Wikipedia: Slab City

pic from last year.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sqrint's Photos

Here's two Sportsters from unknown(*) SQRINTS found under the google~dope. Check out his Smoke Out West 2010 photobucket spread. That shot above of the green Sportster is knock your socks off (even with the (apparently) harsh lighting, it's an awesome capture of a sweet chimp). Curved Pipes & Flat Pads!
(* Stolen from)

Happy Birthday


Tell me Men in soft turtlenecks don't look like uncircumcised beatniks from the 70's?

That, and, I'm bald so I could never rock this cut!

Born Free 2

Continuing to upload pictures from the Born Free 2 show in Signal Hill, Ca. June 12th 2010. On my flickr page there will eventually be about 800 shots from this show, it'll be another week or two. But, as this show brought out every bitchin' bike in the area, it too brought out the Sportsters that make this web site possible. I think the internest would crash without this baby bird named Lady Hump. Otherwise I'd just post hallucinogenic stories about imaginary people I never met, nor ever existed and post pictures like the post above this one....

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Born Free Lava Lamp


What a way to make a coffin tank work on an old Ironhead. Simply can not be done with the same end result on a new 48. (As if.)
(Damn Chris must be paying me back for getting into all his shots last month. Here he is invading mine!)

Speaking of Lava Lamps, remember when you'd put on some Cure and maybe some Soft Cell in high school, that chick you dated had the short cut "Papa Don't Preach" bleached Madonna hair cut, and fire up the Lava Lamp for some heavy petting? Well, this bike was your Dad's and he was in the garage working on it while you shook your bed frame....

Sportsters of the Biltwell 500

At least I kept my clothing on...

Joy is Neat.
Stone Cold Pillar.

Corrosion of Conformity

My Lady doest Hump.

Today I slept and had a dream of being drugged on the operating room table. I was given something to relax me and drifted into La La land where I was at peace with my surroundings and situations. I slept for maybe two hours, but in that small amount of time I dreamt my way through an operation and completely enjoyed the experience. What does this say about me?
Thanks for the pic Bill's back seat Chicago rider.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

New Shirts

Another batch is on the way. Inverted from the image above.
Some thoughts on recent occurrences;
1.) There's a bridge under water, so it cant be burned.
2.) There's no difference between "Fuck The World" and the Christian slogan "Not Of This World" when you consider Obi Wan Kenobi's matter of perspective argument for telling Luke that his father was killed by Darth Vader in Episode 4.
3.) Grades of Shay sounds much better than Shades of Gray. It flows off the tongue with ease.
4.) Real, yes Real, Unicorns are almost never white. It's a matter of factual disbelief, when people dismiss Unicorn sightings as improbable because the Unicorn they've seen, does not match the a-typical movie image Unicorn they have been exposed to.
If you are interested in a tee shirt of Unicorn memorabilia, please email me via "allen" on chop cult.

Sunday, June 20, 2010


Just some art stuff, not worthy of the "art threads" but in here, even David Bowie sings classics. New t-shirt designs coming soon. Need some original lettering (even though the CC rip off works pretty sweet...)

Century Motorycles ~ Fathers Day Bar B.Q.

6/20/2010 ~ Century Motorcycles annual Fathers Day BBQ. San Pedro's most famous motorcycle shop hosts every year. Since all of my bikes are currently on the rack or suffering from mysterioso diagnoso incognito, I took (who else?) my Dad! He used to be a bad ass and ride (yeah, right). No, he had a 1957 Triumph and the only trophy's he has from the "day" are some parking violations for speeding 50 mph on PCH back when he first tooled Redondo Beach into the bent over. Not even a single picture? I rib him about it constantly.
Not a lot of Sportsters (other than Newbs and Peter Test Tubes) representing. Found this gem in the middle of a hundred Brit Sticks. Breathed a sigh of relief. I almost had to pull out the inhaler for lack of Sportyness.

This pictures for Rob.

Baja Boogie Nights in Camelot

Are you down with the "L"?
Two flat tires earns you a tattoo. Thanks to Rob (Yee Haw Fucker!!!!!) for the gun and Eric for the application!

Mad Max stylin' Juno
The Cast Offs

Well, I've finished loading the set from the Biltwell 500. Man, you'd think reducing photos was easy? It's not. I gave up and loaded the massive files. If you want to make posters, this is your chance.

My Biltwell 500 Top Ten List:
10. Meeting Matt Frick whom I went to high school with (Bro).
9. The Cuatro Casas location, Richard and scenery
8. The never ending party (*hic)
7. Waking up every morning feeling that this was the best day of my life.
6. The impromptu Chick on Chick brawl between BFF
5. The Boat Burning
4. The Riding Conditions, flat tires, crashes, problems, et al.
3. The Best Atmosphere ~ Thanks Biltwell
2. Great People True and True, too many to name... all those in attendance
(but special fist love to Magoo for letting me rock the BMW back to Temec.)
1. The Number 1 bike at the event ~ (was there ever any doubt?) Sportsters!!!!