Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Free Lady Hump Shirts ... Yep!

Do you remember that I said I would be giving away some free t-shirts while supplies last at the Slab City Riot 2, if you rode your Sportster in, and you came up and asked me for one at the Hump Van? Here is the preliminary design for that shirt. I think it pretty much keeps in tune with the vibe of Slab City. What do you think?

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Bring On September

This is the 100th post for the just the month of August. Excessive to say the least. Thanks to those who've made submissions and taken the time to share your Sporty rides.
September is right around the corner with almost every weekend filled with some show, party, event, or ride. And for that matter, the rest of the year gets pretty busy. Check the Bean Pot (Your Party Planner) on the side scroll.

And Surprise! More Bitchin' Bars

(Man, I was looking for a set of bags like that for some time... envy. Killer bike.)

Excellent Adventure Pt. 2

Almost forgot one of the coolest parts of this bike is the (assumed, correct me if I'm wrong?) stash "tube" tobacco can. That's so nifty! The light harness looks like it was chipped with a flint rock, GO-GO Fred Flinstone.

Excellent Adventure

"You might be a king or a little street sweeper, but sooner or later you dance with The Reaper."

Here's My Alzheimer's Example... Sorry

As Seen In: My Favorite Bars!

I should know who's bike this is by now... I've photographed it like a dozen times already. If it's yours claim it. I suck at remembering names. I feel like a fool. And in a minute, after I post this, it'll pop in my head.


Whoa! That's Bad Ass!

Dirt Racer

I'd love to take this out to El Mirage for a weekend! Don't know any history on it? Saw it in the parking lot.

Shot at the Long Beach Cycle Swap 08/29/2010

Lbfam730's '09

Remember this Sportster from the Biltwell 500?
Saw it again at the LB Cycle Swap. New fender, looks nice. New tail light, not so much (joke!).
Parking lot at the swap meet filled up and there were some pretty neat Sportsters I shot for posts the next few days. Stay tuned Sportster Fans!

TwentyDuece Pt. 2

The bike at this point looked like the pics labeled: 2010_A and 2010_B. I also put a 'riding shot' in there, called, amazingly enough, "RIDING".

We left Laconia at some point on Saturday. I live about an hour, hour and a half away, so we were riding down the back roads taking our time, decompressing from the week when I realized I couldn't see my headlight anymore. In the usual riding position, it's right in front of my face. I've got no idea how long it was before I noticed, but I looked down to see that my mount had snapped (another metal failure!) and my headlight was bouncing on my front wheel, dangling by the wires. I figured that since it was an electrical issue, electrical tape would fix it. Sure enough, it lasted the 45 miles home with no problems! (ELECTRICAL).

Anyway, the bike's been riding great the rest of the summer. I've put a *lot* of miles on it this year and I'm always nervous about what will break or fall off, but so far I'm pretty lucky to be able to both diagnose and fix anything that's happened right on the side of the road.

Now I've got my buddy's Sporty in my garage and the process is starting all over. Can't wait to see where this one goes! (06)

Anyway, that's pretty much my story. Not sure if that's what you had in mind, but feel free to use whatever you want (or nothing, for that matter!). Take it easy, and thanks for having a sweet blog. Sometimes I feel like there's not enough of us around that appreciate Sportsters!

twentyDeuce on CC and QCB

Thanks for taking the time to weave us a history lesson, it's much appreciated as is your Sportster. As for parts falling off, I think we can all relate to you there! Don't forget to shot us some updates on your buddies Sportster, we'd be happy as I'm sure most of our readers are, to kill more time at work catching up with your fabrications!

Gasser Lounge August 28th


If you haven't attended the Gasser Lounge Bike Night yet; Shame. Shame. Shame.
You're missing out.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Zena Choppers Blog

Whoa! Check out this 1200 from Italy.
Thanks to Italian blogger at Zena Choppers, definitely adding this blog to the Sausage Links.

Santa Fe ImSportSTers

Getting Squirrley...

Santa Fe Importers - Long Beach, Noon on 08/28/2010

TwentyDuece Pt. 1

A while back I came across this guys Sportster pics and immediately recognized a diamond in the bush. I asked him for some info and he went way beyond story telling to bring the history of this bike alive. I still love the lines on this choppy and hope you enjoy his tales. ~Allen

A while ago you asked me to send some pics for Lady Hump, I said I would and then promptly forgot! lol

Anyway, not sure what you're looking for, story wise, but the general gist is that I built the bike w/ a LOT of help from my friends. It's a '93 with a Kansas Kustom hardtail on it. I wanted to have it ready to go for the Greasebag in Laconia last year (2009) and finished up the night before. The first 'real' miles I put on it were the trip up there, where I ended up getting one of the trophies Grail handed out. It was a pretty cool feeling. The bike last year didn't look *anything* like it does now.

Not sure which order the pics will come across, but the one labeled "DONE1" was how it looked that morning. I was running a Front St. rear fender, solo seat and a peanut tank that I'd narrowed and frisco mounted. It was pretty damn close to what I'd envisioned and I rode the hell out of it for a few weeks until my half-assed welding job on the tank sprung a leak.

I live in NH, and had planned to ride down for the R4YL get together in Ohio w/ my brother-in-law about a week later, so we had to come up with a quick fix for the tank. One of the dudes on the Quadcam Bastards site had a frisco-mount King Sporty tank he was willing to part with, so I painted it up with whatever I had left in the garage and slapped it on. I figured I'd need somewhere to store a sleeping bag & stuff too, so I fabbed up a new sissy as well. Oh, and my ass was killing me, so on went much bigger seat springs. The pic from that trip is labeled "R4YLbound".

Due to weather, and various unforseen electrical issues, we made it about to Syracuse the first day and laid up in a hotel. Along the 500ish mile trip, I'd lost the nut from my steering stem, my gas cap and had to replace the starter relay in a Walmart parking lot. The next morning we woke up to tornado warnings and more rain and decided that maybe another 700 miles weren't in us that day. Had a very nice steak dinner and hit the nudie bars :)

I decided after that trip that as cool as my seat was (done by J-Rod at Hardluck Designs... his work is awesome, you should check it out) I'd need to come up with something else if I was going to really rack up the miles on this thing. At this point it was getting to be winter anyway, so maybe the bike needed a make over for the new year.

In May of this year, a few of us from QCB decided to get together for a weekend of camping and riding in South-western MA, and it was the perfect time to debut the new look. The new seat didn't work w/ the old fender, so I jumped on the bandwagon w/ the flipped big twin look. It flows with the seat way better than I'd figured and was a TON more comfy. The 500 miles that weekend were like butter compared to the previous summer. The only problem I ran into was a leaky gas cap vent. If I filled the tank too much, it spit gas all over the tank. My paint that I'd finished up a day or two before the campout was toast by the end of the weekend. This pic is called "SHAKE"

I had a few weeks between getting home from the Hippy Shake (as we called it) and this year's Laconia trip, so I figured ripping the tins off and repainting would be in order. This time I wanted to try something new and went to the Arts & Crafts store and bought some gold leaf. I did the tank, but ran out of time before I could do the fender. (pic is 'LEAF')

Got the bike bolted back together and was cleaning it up in anticipation of leaving for Laconia the next day, when I happened to brush against my tail light. It seemed a bit wobbly, and on closer inspection, I realized that the metal had stressed so much from the weight of the light that it'd cracked (pic: LIGHT). Spent the night welding it up and we were able to get on the road for an amazing time up there. Everyone gives Laconia a bad name for being a sea of chrome and 'live to ride' gear, but like anything else, it's what you make of it, and I always have a great time up there. We did a bunch of hard riding miles through the White Mountains, drank gallons of beer, listened to a ton of bands, saw a bevy of beautiful ladies and generally had a great time.

...To Be Continued.

Friday, August 27, 2010

This Weekend

Sat. 12:00 Noon
About 1:30 ish'
Gasser Lounge by 8:00 pm
Sunday by 9:00 am ish'

$1700 Snacth!

Hemet, CA > Craigslist > "have an old school sporty chopper it runs have a pink slip has a wenzel rear wheel with drum brake has a stretched narrow glide with dual disc front end mustang stle tank and a little seat with springs under it yes it does run needs chain put on and a clutch adjustment asking $1700 please leave a contact # and i will get back to you thanks"

I don't know who is selling this but for $1,700 asking price? Sounds like a deal to be made and snatch up for someone willing to put a little elbow grease into a project. Of course, buyer beware. Lines on the bike look good. The economy is forcing lower prices, why in the world are you even looking at a 2011 Fourty-Eight?