Saturday, December 31, 2011

One More For The Road ...

... the last ride of 2011.

Appetite For Consumption

Rock in the New Year.
Gasser Lounge

From the email; "If the last couple of days are any indication of momentum, we'd have to say that we'll be blowing the roof of this place come saturday.  that's totally cool.  we just expect a few of you to show up sunday morning to help us pull a tarp over the building.
all the details are in the flyer above.  we've got super cheap drinks til 10pm.  after that we jack up the price and start playing house music.  not really, but you should come early if you want to grab a good seat.  and just a head's up- this IS a rock 'n roll party, but it wouldn't kill you to fancify yourself a little.  the staff is dolling up for your amusement so don't be afraid to join in the fun.  you can get a tie at Ross for $8, brah.
and before we kill all of your brain cells- put a couple of dates on your calendar.  january 2nd we're opening at 10am for Georgia v. Michigan State in the outback bowl and we'll be rocking all day showing all the games!  also we're putting together a big ol' throw down for super bowl so cancel your crappy little get together at your house.  we've had enough of your dog sniffing at our crotch while we're trying to admire the cheerleaders' new uniforms.  
so go ahead and rake all the rocks out of the front lawn because there's a good chance you'll be sleeping there this weekend.  let's party."

UPDATE: Everyone have a great time! Be safe tonight. Lot's of increased patrols along beach cities / Torrance, and a DUI Checkpoint on PCH and Emerald tonight in Redondo Beach. FYI.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Hitler's Youth is under the Tree?

 I don't have any funny pictures of Santa Claus drunk in a pool of vomit or any half naked large chested elves holding Clinton's Cigars (hummana hummana). I could probably right click some from a million other blogs and tumbledorfs. Speaking of which, I do have a nude picture of Nymphadora Tonk's but I had that before she was mainstream. Just cruised on down to the local liqoure store and picked up some last minute gifts. Hitler's Youth is a beer brand... (say it with me) ..."that you probably never heard of!" Ho ho ho!!!! I hear tell it's all the rave. Picked up some reading material too...
How tight, extacly, are your panties? I'd really like to know.


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

BEST OF 2011 ~ PICTURE OF THE YEAR (20 of 20)

Fashion Serial Killer Killing It! If that isn't the most excellent picture by Lucifer to end the year on, I don't know what is... What? It's got next to nothing to do with nothing. Exactly.

(click it)

... And that ladies and gentlemen is 2011 wrapped up in a net shell.
(Thanks for the gangsta' submission Cindy!) now I need to wonder off into the woods and sober up a wee bit.
Our time together is fini.

2012 Event Horizon is approaching. Please unfasten your pants for take off.

Hug The Coast ~ Ride to David Mann more photographs

This last one would have been good if I knew how to operate a camera... jus' sayin. Nice ocean in the background, clif, etc. Oh well.

Breaking Hump

 Season 1
Season 2

You might have missed it, but during the year I got the brillant (key word: ant) idea to do some "Breaking Hump" headers when one of my favorite shows (guess which one? It's not SOA... wha?) was premiering a new season, which due to work I still haven't seen (but I will DVD it). They didn't stay up long on the blog, but it was fun. Many a Lady Hump visitor's wife thought, "Now I know my husband is Gay..." when they came across them surfing my net. Man, the year is already over (at least almost) and we had a lot of fun (in our own mildly* retarded way) amusing ourselves. Like a Chimpanzee in a Zoo, if you gave him a computer with a WiFi connection and keg of Pale Ale) Thanks for joy riding with us! We're not finished yet, but we will be soon. Hope you had a good time this year, and have a fun Christmas while we're planning next years journey. And people say, "We try to hard" still others ethug and say "You shouldn't talk shit about people you don't know" so true, so true. But when public figures make fools of themselves publicly, it's hard not to laugh. If you got butt hurt on this blog, you took yourself too seriously to begin with. Fo' Real.

(* like Salsa)

Monday, December 19, 2011

BEST ~ Helmet (19 of 20)

 Don't know his name, but this cat is one of the COAST (click it) guys and I took this picture as they we're rounding up and rolling out on Sunday Nov. 5th, from the Slab City Riot 3 alternative campground/event/party; Operation Illusive Unicorn. Very Mad Max kinda cool without the novelty so often present in such (chrome and shit). 
Did I mention he rides a Sportster? Word up.

Second Runner-Up: 
The Traveling Lid
 Keep it going...

Third Runner Up
The Biltwell Sphinx Award from the Operation Illusive Unicorn
Bill said, "I don't know what to say..."
Don't say anything. You and your team earned it.
photo courtesy of {I stole it from...} The Glass Boot (Beer Booters blog)

Hug The Coast ~ Ride to David Mann photographs

 and hooking the Never Ready's in Malibu.

Honorable Mention ~ Photographer you should be following

Forget your favorite blogs. Forget your forum's "best picture" threads (as if). There's one photographer I always appreciate who is dedicated to taking the most awesome bike pictures he can at (seemingly) as many motorcycle events as he can. His continual involvement in posting photos on flickr for the world to see is a generous gift to those who are able to appreciate it. I've asked him if I could use one of his photos (above) and direct people to his flickr stream. He graciously agreed.
I could have picked any of thousands of Sportster pictures he has, but this one, aside from being relatively recent, shows something most "Americans" can't comprehend (and it's not just this one photo that shows what I'm talking about, he's got tons of them that are packing it on just like this); the Art of getting Loaded. Loaded with camping gear that is! When was the last time you saw an American load a rigid Sportster like that? Hummm... never. (maybe it's a fashion fo pau? fo shizzle.)
Take a couple minutes and spend it in jaw dropping awe at this guys shutter work (click the link below)

The World is a big place, but what's going on out at Slab City?

 not a riot, that's fo shu... yet.
 Kat and his wife. So nice meeting you, I hope you got my package?
Thank you for your hospitality.

I love (hot) cops!

There was a article in the Los Angeles Times about Slab City. Seem's that there is some "going on's" out there with people unexpectidly dying and others on the edge. If you've ever been to a Slab City Riot, then you know the random beauty of the place for "our" type non-events, and the potential to exploit such by self or others. If you haven't been in tune; TAKE MINUTE TO READ IT HERE (click link).
You may be in line to witness the end of an "age."

From Joe Holiday: "...Also worth noting that Salvation Mountain does in fact need some sort of support. Leonard has been hospitalized, and his assistant, Kevin Eubank, passed away in his sleep about a week ago. I'll be one of the volunteers on restoration of the landmark, and I hope that other folks might want to help out. It would be great ...."

Anyone have any info??? post a comment or a link. Thanks for your interest. I can tell you I've had many a good times at this local.

Sunday, December 18, 2011