Monday, January 31, 2011

Yesturday Ended Tomorrow

History is upon you. The day the local chopper shop closed it's doors thirty plus years ago the gray beards thought it was the end of an era. They were right, even if forced under through corporate "streamlining" or economic failships. The time, their time, had come and had gone. Their bones grew tired. How coveted today are the photos from inside some of those premier "family" shops and riders from that era. Those lucky enough to know someone still alive, and still in possession of those photos makes for the unique look back into a world long since past. Blog Fodder! There were still those who carried the torch, i.e. put the bike in the garage and vowed never to part with it damn the amount of dust. The knowledge to revive the dead after many years of abandonment is even more coveted. There's nothing like the motorcycle enthusiast who completely destroys a holy grail barn find for the sake of good intentions. Names like Senior V. Junior (or as I refer it; the Gong Show) and Horse brought it all back to the mainstream in a very different way but that dinosaur has already turned it's flash in the pants oily husk into a maggot brothel. In a historical sense we are living in the last days of the "Celebrity Era" though I say it has already past. Our own Cambrian Explosion long since over. Today we are again on a plateau of change. From the top the only direction is down. This is our Jurassic Park, a mere novelty of the true original with a lot less substance, truth, and longevity. Negativity is ripe and best served with a hefty dose of honesty. And the trail down is a winding steep labyrinth of ball gagged rocks and twisted roots. Seven Dwarfs are waiting in the pasture ready to rape you. The next hill to climb is barely visible off in the distance and there's already some tight-jeaned pimple faced young emo-punk-metal-rap rock skater/snowboarder about to peak the top on his own factory "Bobber." No matter how tightly you hold onto the past you're going to have it slip through your fingers into tomorrow. What was cool yesturday is now less the "yes" and minus the "ay" leaving only the "turd." Diamond Dave is bald and your father's Shovelhead has been in Japan for two decades. So let go. Gravity will do the rest my friend. Earn those wings my friend. Don't be afraid to fall down. It leads to repetitiveness. It's no surprise that Katey Sagal can be found as both Gemma Teller Monrow and Turanga Leela, note this as a sign of things to come. Alien archeologists will one day dig up the ruins of our lost civilizations. Hopefully the technology they posses will be so dramatically more advanced and different than our current day methods of DVD and YouTube visual stimulant, that they'll never have to suffer through a 45 minute build and testicle measurement by the reality kings of any Orange County (even this blog) or for that matter Harley Davidson commercials with flannels and metal flake helmets. The one bike they're able to excavate will of course be the one bike worthy of surviving the many global warming is a hoax ice ages to come, the White Gold of Milk, the thinnest bike that all try to copy, the power~plant of choice, the Sportster. Goodnight ladies and gentlemen. May the dust that covers your Sportster today be the protective petrification of a hundred millenniums.
 "What is ... Fook This, Let's Ride?"
"Wait... there's more, what is... a Girls Bike?"

Now get out and go for a ride...

So What Did You Do Last Weekend?

 You know, it was the last Saturday of the month thing. Hit the Santa Fe Importers at noon for a few drive-by shootings. Stockers? What's up?
 One Sportster representing!
 Later that night hit the Gasser Lounge Bike Night.
 Getting the Shovel ready for EDR'11 means practicing at the local watering hole.
Another single Sportster representing. Juno holding it down!
I think I'm going to start bringing some LH swag to the Gasser and give it out to anyone who rides a Sportster on bike night(s).

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sportsters at the Grand National Roadster Show

1999 XL 1200 ... Ughh.

I'm just going to say it... What's with the bottle caps? You have the perfect engine, designed perfectly, and you go and try to make it a panhead? This is like a bad Indiana Jones movie motorcycle. The lines on the frame are straight up. The fender and tank line up nice. Why'd you go and put those on? I just don't get it.

First Ride POSTPONED pics (6/6)

Love Nest

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Grand National Then and Now Cars

I'm going to throw up a couple car pics just to let you in on the vibe of the Grand National Roadster Show. Personally, I prefer the selections at the (former) Primer Nationals. I think I saw one '50ish Ford Coupe here and at the Nationals, I'd see like a dozen all primered out. Most of these cars were trailered and you know how I feel about that. "If'n it's not broken..." As cool as the old Roth cars are (and yeah, they really are!) most of the modern stuff just doesn't float my muffin. There were some nice bikes amongst the very limited selection here and those non-Sportsters pics are going by the way of the new Blue Collar Moto site feed in an attempt to keep this place a shrine to the one and only bike that truly matters in this doomed world. Sure, you're knucklehead IS nice, but it simply can't carry the torch boy!
Flame On~!

First Ride POSTPONED pics (5/6)

Grand National Roadster Show pics

Had the opportunity to check out the Grand National Roadster Show this year in Pamona at the Fairgrounds. Pretty much what I expected. There was some Sportsters representing(!) and some trying to at least. Some other pretty cool bikes (posts for the next few days) and tons of classic cars. Busy month coming up in February, (I) expect to hit at least one (if not two) shows/rides/events every weekend! For your Sportster "pleasure center" ~ Enjoy.

Friday, January 28, 2011

A Sportster rode by ...

... I can only assume.
(There was a fire around the corner from my house and I just happened to be swinging by. Probably just a bum threw a smoke into the trash? If you blow up the pic you can see the flames eating the tree in the high branches.)

Mom never threw away your Bell Bottoms!

Straight out of the 70's and knocking at your door. Absolutely psychedelic'icious!

First Ride POSTPONED pics (4/6)