Thursday, March 31, 2011

North Drinks with South II

 If you're in the So-Cal area and have not a care in the world this weekend, make sure you head down!
When: April 2nd 2011Meet: Stone Brewery Escondido Ca.Meet: 11:00am we will depart at 1pmDestination
Mcain Valley Lark Canyon Camp Ground
Cost to camp
A six pack donation of community Beer at the camp ground
We will provide a grill for grilling and Hot Dogs and Hamburgers for those who say they are going. 
If you commit dont pull a no show please. Reason
Spend some time twisting the throttle, Kneeze in the Breeze, Camping, Friends, Drinking, Story Telling or just to get the fuck out of the city for some time with like minded dirt bags!

This is a non vending event. We put on these over nighters to support those who support our life style and support our companies from time to time when you buy parts from us.
Ohhh ... Isn't he just so cute? Come on out and enjoy the natural beauty that is the BeerBreed.

Movie Night

The Lady Hump Theater hosted it's first movie night with the acquisition of (possibly) the last privately available growler of Saint Jamesons Stout. The same Stout that was served (and quickly finished, before 7pm anyway) on St. Patricks Day at the Gasser Lounge. Well, a few requests were made, a little begging, a Lybian text fire fight later, and some indian trading behind closed doors, and Wha' La~ This is the last of the last sweet stouty goodness.
Tonight's movie had to be a Larry Bishop movie. Son of comic Joey Bishop, Larry's been in all kinds of classic theater including Laverne and Shirley, Barney Miller, Love, American Style! and many classics more. And, he's done his bit in the motorcycle world too with never forgettable hits like Chrome and Hot Leather and Angel Unchained.
Larry Bishop (co) staring in Hell Ride (2008) was tonights movie. Not anything I'd watch twice, but good enough to share with a few friends and over a few cold ones for sure. Lot's of boobs, killing, double-crossing, bar scenes (all in bars without any insulation on bare board walls) flashbacks, and tough guy fighting. Another blubbery "from the heart" love story revolving around a fathers love for his son.
Not exactly up to par with his previous (homoerotic) Biker characters, this was more of a serious "Fatherly" type character portrayal. 
The best part of the movie? I can't stop bragging about how delicious the Stout was.

Next month, if I can find it?, I'm told this is a better tale...
 I wonder what it's about?

Love the relocated Turn Signals


Saw this Sportster at the Long Beach Cycle Swap on March 27th 2011. Thought that the relocated rear turn signals were most impressive! Most Impressive. Good job. I'd add about 3 inches of fender just for cosmetics. Dude rode this bike to the meet in the rain to boot.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

History Lesson Pt. 1

Mikey B. spinning the bottle.
Every bar has a story. Some of them are nothing more than the smell of stale urine tracked home on the bottom of a shoe. Some are worthy of folk lore, the retelling of tales of drunkenness and stumbelfication. While others are indeed, Grand. I've yet to listen long enough to hear all the tale that is the Gasser Lounge, but it's history is preserved (somewhat) in a few lasting and lingering images (thank you Al Gore for the gift that is the internet. Without it I might just study harder for knowledge than depending on a instant google search which I'll A.D.H.D. 10 seconds from now). What?

 Some earlly photography from Flickr Ron Flesing who collects vintage pictures of the South Bay area beach cities. These show (the current day) Gasser Lounge as it looked some 50 plus years ago. It has gone by many names and remodels since first build but evidently always a place to meet and celebrate!
 Some more recent photography as we bring you up to speed. Match up some of the side windows with the black and white photos above, pretty cool hu? I thought so. I'm still researching the sorid details on why exactly Rebo's closed the doors but I believe it has a little bit to do with ill repute and not the band from Oxnard...
From a online review by Mike K., circa 2004'ish, without any corroborating evidence; "Although I did find it mildly disturbing how the cute female bartenders doubled as prostitutes whom you could take down into the basement after hours --- if you were looking for that sort of thing, I mean -- everything else about this place was legit."  
 Here's how she looks today. Trouble finding the place? Just click on this MAP for instant directions.
So what say you belly up and stop in a place that's been around in one form or another the better part of a century. Like the old t.v. commercials that entice you to "come back to Jamaica for the first time" (only a drunk would say that right?) come explore the history that is now, the Gasser Lounge (cue Twilight Zone soundtrack here).
Pt. 2 coming soon.
You're not going to want to miss it!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Gasser Lounge ~ Japan Fundraiser this Saturday

This Saturday from 5 pm to 2 am the Gasser Lounge is having a Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fundraiser. 
There will be special cocktails and beers with 100% of the proceeds going to relief efforts. Yeah, I said 100%! There will also be some raffle prize items donated by the LADY HUMP! So come out and drink to help support Japan and you may very well be taking home some free Lady Hump swag (that would be shirts and trucker hats!)

DO's and DONT's for March LBCS

Here's some stuff from the Toppings Website regarding what you can "expect" to find at the Cycle Swap...
With its 1997 introduction of the So-Cal Cycle Show & Swap Meet at Long Beach Veterans Stadium, Topping Events has created a popular marketplace for motorcycle and bicycle enthusiasts.  At this all brands event one can buy, sell, and trade, American, European, and Japanese parts, bikes, and accessories. With thousands of new, used and vintage bike parts for sale at bargain prices, the So-Cal Cycle Swap Meet has become a virtual treasure chest for the Southern California motorcycle and bicycle enthusiast
Content: 1) The So-Cal Cycle Swap does not permit the sales of counterfeit merchandise. Vendors suspected of selling couterfeit merchandise will be asked to leave without refund. Event management cooperates with law enforcement and copyright owners in the investigation of sales of counterfeit merchandise.
2) The So-CalCycleSwap is restricted to Cycle related items only. 
3) Vendors selling or displaying any non-cycle related items may be asked to leave without refund. 
4) Absolutely no food or drink products of any kind are to be sold or given away. 
5) No knives, guns, or weapons are to be sold or displayed (cycle related or not). 
6) No objectionable material please.

If you're going to bring a single thing to the Long Beach CYCLE Swap to sell... make it a Sportster Engine. A way straight DO!
 Cake Takers better Run when they see this Helmet coming. A Full Face DO!
Originality at it's BEST. Stand Out in something other than the a-typical black leather. A solid DO.
 And, there's the opposite of originality. Sorry guys, Parkistany Leather is out of fashion. We are supporting Made In American black leather only. If it was bred here, killed here, skinned here, sewn here, and sold here, then it's a DO. But... unfortunately, not the case.
That's a 13the Century DONT.

 Man Cave. That's a Home "DO" Run.
And hell, what do you think? Shampoo Horn? Gay? Maybe. Takes some balls to make this album. Takes even bigger balls to sell it at the Long Beach Cycle Swap. I'll say it's Cycle related in that I'd ride across country listening to it on my factory sound system (if that dude with the Raiders bike sells me his 50,000 Watt power amplifier).

Sportsters at L.A. Speed Shop

Even more pics from the Street Chopper issue release party at L.A. Speed Shop in Alhambra, CA.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Desperado I think I Love You

 What's this sparkling under the sprinkles?

 Butterfly tanks was $200. If only I had it, I'd rock it so good.
 But the Desperado tank had me at "Hello."
Tank art at the Long Beach Cycle Swap 3/27/2011.

All of these tanks, hold a sweet gallon or two of pure DO's!

Nobody told me I spelled Desperado wrong for half a day... 

It Must Be...

... That Time of the MONTH.

Nice Triumph at the Long Beach Ccycle Swap. Here's a DO. Ride your bike in the rain to the swap!

Hey Hey Hey... are you on YOUR PERIOD?
Hey everybody, as you know, and you've been reading since January, I compile the DO's and DONT's of the Long Beach Cycle Swap. Why? Because I pay good money to go to a CYCLE SWAP, not a SWAP MEET. As I've said before, If I want to go to a Swap Meet, I'll go to the Roadium in Gardena and pay .50 cents (that's right, it's FIFTY cents to get in) plus free parking and a free shuttle from the El Camino College parking lot. But no, I pay $10.00 to get into the Long Beach Veterans Stadium in the beautiful city of Long Beach to attend a monthly (MOTOR)CYCLE SWAP. Now, there's Bicycle stuff there too... and that's perfectly OK since it's still in the realm of "CYCLE" Dig it.

So here's the Vendor spread that gave me the "Hey Hey Hey! No Pictures! No Pictures!"
Dude jumped up as if I was breaking his shit with a baseball bat. Hope he didn't have a heart attack.
  "Go take pictures of your family if you want to take pictures." He added.
I thanked him for the pictures.
I wonder if he (or any of the non-moto) Vendors see themselves here? Why not direct them here if you know them. Maybe it'll help church this place up a little if we actually weed out the weeds and bring in the seeds of our future "traditional period correct" builders. 
After all, I can't help but imagine the poor biker-to-be who's been saving his hard earned paychecks to put down the paperwork on a new Fourty-Eight, instead giving up the dream and collecting porcelain Santa Head salt and pepper shakers. Look Grandma, take your stuff to Memory Lane.


Naked Angels in Color

more Sportsters on Film. Take notes. 1969 was evidently a good year for writers (because I can only reason that they were on vacation and let monkeys loose on the typewriters... smoking, drinking, shroom digesting monkeys on typewriters.) Where did they come up with this stuff? Mad Dogs from Hell ... a Quarter Ton of Supped Up Chopper (is that with cheese?) ... warm arms around their belly ...? Not that's it NOT how I roll or something something...

Mother has just got out of prison and wants to get revenge on the biker gang that put him there. He teams up with his old gang "The Angels" and they head to the desert to get even. Soon, Mother's obsession begins to take it's toll on his relationship with his girlfriend, Marlene, and the respect his gang has for him quickly dwindles until he is left alone in the desert to fend for himself.

L.A. Speed Shop pics

 "The Beast"

More parking lot pictures from the party.
If you've never visited L.A. Speed Shop (or) visited his website. CLICK HERE.
More pics coming.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

L.A. Speed Shop ~ Street Chopper Party

 Barbie Can't Surf!
Great day for a ride out to Alhambra, CA. (not far, maybe 30 miles?) for the Street Chopper magazine release party (and once again, I didn't pick one up. Why not? well, read on...) This is the second issue release party that I've broke down on (ughh!) this time on the way home I lost a wire from the ignition. I think it came loose, then got bit and chewed off by the open primary somehow? Anyway, had a blast! Good food, beverages, and people! Thanks so much for the festivities. Will be posting pictures all week long.