Friday, March 25, 2011

Biltwell BASH

 Here are a few shots from the History Book on the almost unknown Biltwell BASH! which may or may not have occurred at a place called Lake Skinner on or around the 18th of April 2009. You can learn a lot from the past; if you (are not a douche bag of some sorts and) throw down a simple let's get together and camp and party event, people will come ~ ~ ~

Have got Camping-on-the-Brain right now. There's several events (and I'm sure more that I'm not tuned into) right around the corner you need to hook up with if you're down for some tenting. And as always, on the Bean Pot sidebar listings. Let me highlight a few that are on my confirmation list;
(Some of those are links to Chop Cult event listings. Which, as I'm sure you know is where you can find just about any information and/or direction you need to know if your watering the plant known in latin as the "Couchicus Fatassacus".)

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