Thursday, March 10, 2011

Chopping, Chopping, and Chopping (or Meth, Boobs, and Bikes)

It's my understanding this wildcat Pink Sportster was an auction item intended to raise money for breast cancer awareness. I myself, love breastesess, and I support any worthy cause to save said mentionables.
However, I'd like to think that there's still at least one single biker on the planet (that's willing to stand along side me hand in hand) that fails to appreciate the Harvest Theme at this local dealership. Why? Because it's dumbin' down the country for God's sake.
Thanksgiving is Thanksgiving. Halloween is Halloween and Christmas is Christ's celebrated birthday. It''s not happy holidays. In the same vein, the (+st.-d=) Dealership is not Kmart (I'm flogging a dead horse here, I know). The Dealership is a "motorcycle" shop. It's got it's faults, true. True. TRUE. It's got more faults than I could ever begin to ridicule. But damn, are we going to ride bikes or enjoy an af'ernoon of testical bragging sitting on those resort inspired red oak lounge chairs talking about (yeah, talking about, not doing) stuff we could be doing (like blogging about how cool this ride from home to the dealership was). Maybe we could talk about smoking cigars too cause our wives (supported by an afternoon of Dr. Oz, Oprah and overpriced wine) don't let us smoke anymore. The (wo)Man has got us beat down.
Hey man, take my picture while I sit on this Harley! Yeah man, don't mess with the Sons!
Take my picture while I sit on this Harley!
Don't even think about it...
I forgot my point. So, I said the Pink Lady bike was to be auctioned off right?

After thieves stole the bike last year, police found "Pink Lady" in Louisville and confiscated the book in a drug bust. "It had been in a meth house, so we didn't know what condition everything was in," said Shane Richmond with Wildcat Harley-Davidson in London. The recovery of "Pink Lady" was bittersweet for project leaders, determined to raise money for the Susan G. Komen Foundation for breast cancer awareness. "When we actually saw it, it was a great feeling. Our hearts jumped back up, but then, when you saw the damage that was done to the bike, it was another tear in your heart," said Richmond.

 Ok. Review time. Meth heads stole the bike. Stripped it and were going to rake and flake it out (either that or part it out to make, I don't know, maybe $30.00 for snorting fundage?) After all what does a second hand Sportster go for these days? Maybe $4 grand? But a parted out one? Maybe tops $850... What did you expect? That bike was so damn awesome the drug addicts ain't really responsible for their actions. Um, no. Can you blame anyone for chopping a Sportster? That's a good point. It was the Blue Rock that made them acquire the Pink Sportster. They were under the influence of the Rainbow Coalition and attempting to gather the necessary colors of consciousness. Of course they're guilty. Hang um High boys, Hang um High.


LUCIFER said...

"Don't even think about it..."

Johnny No said...

Some of the greatest writing I have ever seen ...... you are killing me bro !!!!