Friday, March 25, 2011

Chrome and Hot Leather at Globo Gym

Saw this film and immediately thought of another movie with obviously the same character played by Ben Stiller. Casey from Chrome and Hot Leather reminds me of White Goodman from Globo Gym. Remember fellow bikers, yellow scarfs are tough (provided your feathered hair can stand up to the wind of the open road?)
"So you found my chain hu?"
What this movie has: Sportsters (and lots of them), tear gas, muscles, the lead male (Mitch) wears a tight neck choker, one of the lead bikers (bad guy, Casey) wears a tight yellow scarf, token black guy, loose women who want to go somewhere and "talk" when you merely suggest it, pinball fag, beer drinking, town terrorizing, a scared local cop who you can intimidate, canyons you can hide out in when your entire gang is "on the run" and needs to lay low for a while (cause cops will stop looking for you if they look once and cant find you right?).

Some highlights; "So What do you want?" "I was just riding bye and saw all the bikes out front, thought I'd stop in for a beer." "Oh yeah, is that what you thought?" (as seductively gay as possible).

Tag Line: Don't Muck Around With A Green Beret's Mama! He'll take his chopper and ram it down your throat!
The ironic thing about that tag line is in this movie, none of the four soldiers know how to ride motorcycles at the beginning of this movie. They go out and buy four off-road Kawasakis to "blend" in with the biker gangs (and evidently, there's a lot of them as they cross the land looking for the "Devils"). As they teach each other to ride their bikes, their clothing starts to come off piece by piece. Pretty soon their riding in their underwear romping around in the mud with each other having a, oh so gay, time together! Next their in full (fake) biker attire having completed their "biker" training in the wilderness. Man, this is good stuff!!! He might be ramming something down your throat, but I dare bet it ain't going be his "chopper."

I don't seem to remember any "Chrome" and/or "Hot Leather" in the movie whatsoever. That might be because I was laughing so hard through it all. A must see if you're Netflixing instant "watch now" movies.

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KustomJeff said...

I LOVE this movie for ALL of the reasons you stated. It is one of the classics. I really DO like the gold chopper the Prez rides. One of my locals has a bike damn near exactly like it except for the cut of the rear fender and his is red.