Tuesday, March 29, 2011

DO's and DONT's for March LBCS

Here's some stuff from the Toppings Website regarding what you can "expect" to find at the Cycle Swap...
With its 1997 introduction of the So-Cal Cycle Show & Swap Meet at Long Beach Veterans Stadium, Topping Events has created a popular marketplace for motorcycle and bicycle enthusiasts.  At this all brands event one can buy, sell, and trade, American, European, and Japanese parts, bikes, and accessories. With thousands of new, used and vintage bike parts for sale at bargain prices, the So-Cal Cycle Swap Meet has become a virtual treasure chest for the Southern California motorcycle and bicycle enthusiast
Content: 1) The So-Cal Cycle Swap does not permit the sales of counterfeit merchandise. Vendors suspected of selling couterfeit merchandise will be asked to leave without refund. Event management cooperates with law enforcement and copyright owners in the investigation of sales of counterfeit merchandise.
2) The So-CalCycleSwap is restricted to Cycle related items only. 
3) Vendors selling or displaying any non-cycle related items may be asked to leave without refund. 
4) Absolutely no food or drink products of any kind are to be sold or given away. 
5) No knives, guns, or weapons are to be sold or displayed (cycle related or not). 
6) No objectionable material please.

If you're going to bring a single thing to the Long Beach CYCLE Swap to sell... make it a Sportster Engine. A way straight DO!
 Cake Takers better Run when they see this Helmet coming. A Full Face DO!
Originality at it's BEST. Stand Out in something other than the a-typical black leather. A solid DO.
 And, there's the opposite of originality. Sorry guys, Parkistany Leather is out of fashion. We are supporting Made In American black leather only. If it was bred here, killed here, skinned here, sewn here, and sold here, then it's a DO. But... unfortunately, not the case.
That's a 13the Century DONT.

 Man Cave. That's a Home "DO" Run.
And hell, what do you think? Shampoo Horn? Gay? Maybe. Takes some balls to make this album. Takes even bigger balls to sell it at the Long Beach Cycle Swap. I'll say it's Cycle related in that I'd ride across country listening to it on my factory sound system (if that dude with the Raiders bike sells me his 50,000 Watt power amplifier).

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