Wednesday, March 30, 2011

History Lesson Pt. 1

Mikey B. spinning the bottle.
Every bar has a story. Some of them are nothing more than the smell of stale urine tracked home on the bottom of a shoe. Some are worthy of folk lore, the retelling of tales of drunkenness and stumbelfication. While others are indeed, Grand. I've yet to listen long enough to hear all the tale that is the Gasser Lounge, but it's history is preserved (somewhat) in a few lasting and lingering images (thank you Al Gore for the gift that is the internet. Without it I might just study harder for knowledge than depending on a instant google search which I'll A.D.H.D. 10 seconds from now). What?

 Some earlly photography from Flickr Ron Flesing who collects vintage pictures of the South Bay area beach cities. These show (the current day) Gasser Lounge as it looked some 50 plus years ago. It has gone by many names and remodels since first build but evidently always a place to meet and celebrate!
 Some more recent photography as we bring you up to speed. Match up some of the side windows with the black and white photos above, pretty cool hu? I thought so. I'm still researching the sorid details on why exactly Rebo's closed the doors but I believe it has a little bit to do with ill repute and not the band from Oxnard...
From a online review by Mike K., circa 2004'ish, without any corroborating evidence; "Although I did find it mildly disturbing how the cute female bartenders doubled as prostitutes whom you could take down into the basement after hours --- if you were looking for that sort of thing, I mean -- everything else about this place was legit."  
 Here's how she looks today. Trouble finding the place? Just click on this MAP for instant directions.
So what say you belly up and stop in a place that's been around in one form or another the better part of a century. Like the old t.v. commercials that entice you to "come back to Jamaica for the first time" (only a drunk would say that right?) come explore the history that is now, the Gasser Lounge (cue Twilight Zone soundtrack here).
Pt. 2 coming soon.
You're not going to want to miss it!

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