Monday, March 28, 2011

It Must Be...

... That Time of the MONTH.

Nice Triumph at the Long Beach Ccycle Swap. Here's a DO. Ride your bike in the rain to the swap!

Hey Hey Hey... are you on YOUR PERIOD?
Hey everybody, as you know, and you've been reading since January, I compile the DO's and DONT's of the Long Beach Cycle Swap. Why? Because I pay good money to go to a CYCLE SWAP, not a SWAP MEET. As I've said before, If I want to go to a Swap Meet, I'll go to the Roadium in Gardena and pay .50 cents (that's right, it's FIFTY cents to get in) plus free parking and a free shuttle from the El Camino College parking lot. But no, I pay $10.00 to get into the Long Beach Veterans Stadium in the beautiful city of Long Beach to attend a monthly (MOTOR)CYCLE SWAP. Now, there's Bicycle stuff there too... and that's perfectly OK since it's still in the realm of "CYCLE" Dig it.

So here's the Vendor spread that gave me the "Hey Hey Hey! No Pictures! No Pictures!"
Dude jumped up as if I was breaking his shit with a baseball bat. Hope he didn't have a heart attack.
  "Go take pictures of your family if you want to take pictures." He added.
I thanked him for the pictures.
I wonder if he (or any of the non-moto) Vendors see themselves here? Why not direct them here if you know them. Maybe it'll help church this place up a little if we actually weed out the weeds and bring in the seeds of our future "traditional period correct" builders. 
After all, I can't help but imagine the poor biker-to-be who's been saving his hard earned paychecks to put down the paperwork on a new Fourty-Eight, instead giving up the dream and collecting porcelain Santa Head salt and pepper shakers. Look Grandma, take your stuff to Memory Lane.


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