Thursday, March 31, 2011

Movie Night

The Lady Hump Theater hosted it's first movie night with the acquisition of (possibly) the last privately available growler of Saint Jamesons Stout. The same Stout that was served (and quickly finished, before 7pm anyway) on St. Patricks Day at the Gasser Lounge. Well, a few requests were made, a little begging, a Lybian text fire fight later, and some indian trading behind closed doors, and Wha' La~ This is the last of the last sweet stouty goodness.
Tonight's movie had to be a Larry Bishop movie. Son of comic Joey Bishop, Larry's been in all kinds of classic theater including Laverne and Shirley, Barney Miller, Love, American Style! and many classics more. And, he's done his bit in the motorcycle world too with never forgettable hits like Chrome and Hot Leather and Angel Unchained.
Larry Bishop (co) staring in Hell Ride (2008) was tonights movie. Not anything I'd watch twice, but good enough to share with a few friends and over a few cold ones for sure. Lot's of boobs, killing, double-crossing, bar scenes (all in bars without any insulation on bare board walls) flashbacks, and tough guy fighting. Another blubbery "from the heart" love story revolving around a fathers love for his son.
Not exactly up to par with his previous (homoerotic) Biker characters, this was more of a serious "Fatherly" type character portrayal. 
The best part of the movie? I can't stop bragging about how delicious the Stout was.

Next month, if I can find it?, I'm told this is a better tale...
 I wonder what it's about?

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