Monday, March 28, 2011

Naked Angels in Color

more Sportsters on Film. Take notes. 1969 was evidently a good year for writers (because I can only reason that they were on vacation and let monkeys loose on the typewriters... smoking, drinking, shroom digesting monkeys on typewriters.) Where did they come up with this stuff? Mad Dogs from Hell ... a Quarter Ton of Supped Up Chopper (is that with cheese?) ... warm arms around their belly ...? Not that's it NOT how I roll or something something...

Mother has just got out of prison and wants to get revenge on the biker gang that put him there. He teams up with his old gang "The Angels" and they head to the desert to get even. Soon, Mother's obsession begins to take it's toll on his relationship with his girlfriend, Marlene, and the respect his gang has for him quickly dwindles until he is left alone in the desert to fend for himself.

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