Monday, March 14, 2011

This IS So California

(I have a lot more pics of this bike later in the week, but first let me make notice of the homeless rollin' ghetto in my shot)
"Gad Damin' Bikers all over my Street! ... This is Bater Town!!! Water, get yer Water. Radioactive Free Water! Aye Stranger... Care to Quench yer thirst?"

And when you hear someone saying, homeless people are everywhere, sometimes they ain't far from lying. I don't know how  many local shows I've shot pictures at where some homeless dude just rolls through. Not that it's a bad thing for anyone to check out the classic iron and period correct chaps people are strutting, it's a good thing! One time a dude pulled out screwdriver on me and said, "Hey! Give me a Dolla." I replied, "Hey. No." I think I surprised him cause he looked at me with those "Ima kila" eyes all spinny-around. Thought I was going to get me a Phillips hole punch ventilation attack, but since I roll deep my posse at the time (that would be my Dad) rolled up in the tan Toyota Station wagon and said "Get In!" We tore outta there like Starchy and Hutch baby! Wow, that was just like in the movies!!!

Yah, so I don't give homeless people money very often, screwdriver threats or not. And even more than that, never to Krusty Punks cause that's been Turnip Squeezed a Ga-Zillion times over by Punks Krustier Than Tho. Seem like it's a Dude and his Chick, and their Dog, with backpacks and enough hair jello to spike their Mohawks perfect narry a hair outta place and stud their Pakistani Leather Cheeta Arm Jackets (who in the world are the "M-I-S-F-I-T-S anyway?) always begging for money. But they'd rather SIT and collect, they don't do the walking through cars stopped at a red light Limping (pretend to be a)Veteran Pony Show either, Hail Naw, that'd be too much effort for a couple dolla bills ya'll. So I say STAND UP and tell me you Haint going to spend my dollar on a Old English White Power Fourty and a Subway $5 footlong (minus the veggies cuase we Haint no vegans). If you're going to go Retard, Go FULL Retard. Be proud of what you (think you) are and squat a abandoned strip mall store front and grow bean sprouts and mushrooms in a dank corner.

Now where was I? Oh, yeah back to the Garage Co. photos...

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