Saturday, April 30, 2011

Trust me Honey, you don't need a kitchen...

The race to the El Diablo Run is ripe with testimony and tear-down, excuses and abuses, trials and titillation (yum on the later!) Here's how the conversation went, smooth or otherwise;
"Honey. I have a proposition for you. You know how you're always asking me to do more around the house? Well, today is your lucky day. Today we are going to remodel the Kitchen. We putting the stove, the cabinets, the dishwasher, and the microwave out on the porch. We're putting the refrigerator out in the garage cause we don't want any raccoons or the neighborhood kids to steal the beer..."
 "What? No. I don't know how that helps you? We just need more space to work on the bikes! Trust me, it'll be like bar-b-que'n every meal. It'll be fun! ... wait why are you going to your mothers?"
But here's what really happened: The Starter gear seized on its shaft, locking the gearbox up and send my kicker thru full rotation and locking up. Which caused a complete freeze on the freeway and produced one of the meanest raddest 1000 foot skids ever!

There's plenty of time.


April 23rd 2011 @ The Dive, Redondo Beach

Friday, April 29, 2011

New Cycle Source SWASTIKA Gloves by Bilt

 Check it out, just got the new Cycle Source mailer in the mail and opened it up, BOO-YAH! First thing I see is some new Bilt Swastika Gloves!!! Remember, this is the knock-off BILTWELL label brand by Cycle Source and has nothing to do with the true Biltwell Inc. company. And for that reason, as if you need another, I say Hail No! Look at that deal, buy the left glove and get the fascist glove for free! (How dumb do they think we are? really?) They always promise peace and prosperity in the beginning but before you know it, the left will start fighting with the right and you'll end up with ... (insert your own punch line here). You can also get your goose steppin' on with some Bilt Boots!
Incredible Value!
"... No fraulein, pimping ain't easy."

2 Hippies on a Sportster

Wow Man Wow.
The one thing I've had that burned more oil than any bike I've ever owned is a crappy VW van. That thing smoked more than a Cheech and Chong movie!

 Pssst... your Sportsters out of focus.

Thursday, April 28, 2011


Saw this classified online out of Bullhead City, Arizona. I don't know the seller. I don't know about the price. But, check it out, not too many coffin tanks out there looking this good. I'd loose the iron crosses and handlebar tassels but I think I'd keep the seat tassels.

As if you didn't already have enough to do... Here's one more chance to make it to the Gasser Lounge for some liquidity

This weekend is pretty busy indeed with the Peepshow Menagerie Burlesque on Friday, both the Gasser Lounge Bike Night and the Cretins L.A. party on Saturday.

Well you can add ONE MORE date to your iDroid-berry mobile pace-maker; it's the 6th Annual ULTRA LUX "Blessing of the Hair" Car Show and GASSER LOUNGE AFTER PARTY this Sunday, May 1st. Both of these events are mere blocks (3) from each other and walking between the two is no concern, even crawling between the two is doable. Cars, live bands, tattoos, painting, vendors, from 12-5 at Ultra Lux at 1312 Aviation Blvd. Redondo Beach, and then it's over to the Gasser for drinks all night at 1500 Aviation Blvd. I'll be parking the Sportster at the Gasser when I get there.

Gasser Lounge ~ Welcome back Jesus

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

It's the Gasser Lounge Bike Night ~ This Saturday

Everybody love's a good face punch!
Come have a Doug's Face Punch at the Gasser Lounge.

... or ...

You could take ride on this machine and when you're finished you'd be respected as long as you don't get "tossed off."
Seriously what's the tarp for?
"Because, things are going to get Bloody!"

April 29th Close Encounters of the Burlesque Kind

Need something to do on Friday night? This is it! Enjoy. The Burlesque Roast of Steven Spielberg... how can you possibly go wrong? It's just NOT possible.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


If it seems like Jesus is 9 feet tall, it's because he's floating that high off the ground! Amazing...
either that, or it was midget night at the Gasser. But, it wasn't.

Mary "Maggie" De'Leon got down with the sickness too. I don't know her name, I just made that up.

Not your average anything is it? Imagine your favorite bar. Now imagine your favorite house party with all your best friends and their best friends and a herd of Unicorn riding naked Valkyrie's. Now imagine your favorite CD collection with the discs you thought your ex had broken, stolen or burned, and add a trip to your favorite Taco Stand. Now imagine what you can only imagine in your wildest dreams with whip cream and mix all that imagery together in a blender with a stiff shot of alcohol. Pour over ice and serve generously.


 FART BARF @ The Dive on the Redondo Beach Pier. April 23rd 2011.
(Post-Neanderthal Analouge Syntethesits)
Some things you have to see in person to absorb completely. This is one of those things...

Here's a short Fart Barf...

Monday, April 25, 2011

Welcome Back Jesus (super short video)

Viva Las Vegas

Here's a peek from Seamus sending in a few Viva Las Vegas pictures! Thanks for those man, really do appreciate seeing photos from around the globe (even though it's not so far away... I was there last weekend).


What's that you say? The tomb was empty when you looked in here? How can that be? Who did then steal the body of our most loved?

... awkward unnecessary dramatic pause ...

...Wait a minute, what's all this smoke and bright light? Could it be? ... Jesus, is that you?
Ladies and Gentlemen. Introducing the one, the onlyyyyy....

"I'm Back!"

Once again, and there was never any real doubt what-so-ever, the Gasser Lounge in Redondo Beach put on on awesome "Welcome Back Jesus" party April 23rd, 2011. Mikey B., the humble host, invited the one and only to help usher in the festive tide. There's no denying it, the Gasser Lounge has classed it up to the most high level. Salute! Visit the website and get yourself on the Mailing List (at the bottom of the home page), they do that Facebook thing too. You don't want to miss these shin digs. More pics coming.

Disclaimer: Not Applicable.

Sorry... No Long Beach photos this Month

Too too too much going on this weekend. We decided to screw the Long Beach Cycle Swap Meet and focus on rehab and garage stylings for the EDR. It was raining on and off so it probably sucked more than usual anyhoot. Couple o' rusty bolts and a wet dog or two. You're probably tired of Sportster pictures anyway (not) ... this week will be Rock and Roll, Viva Las Vegas, JESUS, and Fart Barf relations. Behold thy glory!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Cometh'

Tomorrow morning I'll expose the evidence obtained from the Gasser Lounge...

El Diablo Run ~ Almost Ready? Si'

Behold the wonderment of the Ironhead, thoust has cometh' some distance, Baby.
If you squint, and I mean really squint when you look at this photo. Try to gaze past the beauty of the motorcycle in all it's glory, and it is a glorious creation, and take note of the shadowy figure in the background? Who might it be? It's not Brad Pitt, nor Pauly Shore, not even close. Check out that shirt on the mystery man...
 Ironhead owner Alan Stedman (here riding his pet Honda) and nother mother bro BMW Mark on the sidecar steed hit up the pre-party for the Hoedown (almost) and ended up pulling in super late (or super early depending on which day your talkin' bout) but managed to snare a cool sunrise shot against the speckled cow patty hills. Thanks for the submissions!

But back to the story of the EDR and pre-planning cause it's in full swing and time is short. I understand that the Mexican Navy is now under orders to remove and/or relocate any and all Dolphins from the Sea of Cortez for fear of sonar disruption caused by the Thunder of the EDR? Just rumors I suppose. I don't know nor do I claim to know.

 We had to drive North and pick up the secret "Wuss Accessory" (not pictured here, but obtained from...). If you need it you'd give a nut, if you don't you might punch one?
 Got a chance to check out some EDR surprises...
 And a chance to check out the stable...
And finally a chance to visit the little known Four Ace's Grotto, located in the back of the shop, (hope I'm not spilling any secrets here? sorry if I am) which by the way, is P-R-I-M-E sweetness. Thanks for letting us rinse off the grease with the pool hands.
 But, when we woke up, things were not as we remembered, not exactly.