Friday, April 15, 2011

El Diablo Run ~ Una Mirada Hacia Atras

I'm trying to get my gear in gear and stuff together as best I can. I'm confirmed and reserved. The bike is being shaken not stirred for the run down and back up again. There's a lot to do and little time before the "Event of the Year" in my book. Serious props to Biltwell for their dedication to kick ass fun times my friends! If you can go, then you should GO! If you can't, you know I'll be shooting a thousand plus pictures along the route. But for now, I offer you this glimpse backwards into yesterday and yesteryears past when the El Diablo Run made history by it's mere existence. Please continue >>>

Flashback time ladies >>> Hola señor. ¿Quiere ver algo? A good friend of mine, the one and only Johnny No, was kind enough to dig through his personal "stash" of El Diablo Run photographs from the three (3) previous times he's attended the run. I think that makes him something of a Legacy rider and for that he's got my respect. This year's will be my first time (my cherry everybody!). Take a minute to check out these photos and then go over to his BLOG and let's blow his stat counter out of the water this weekend as a "thanks for sharing!" Plus he's got more El Diablo Run pictures on his blog too so give him some love. 

 This is where I gotta say, I couldn't post all the photos he sent me, some were just "too much" for my PG blog (Ha ha ha, ... who am I kidding, scroll down...). I guess this blog isn't "work safe" any longer... sorry guys.
Everybody take a note: Sportster in da' house!

 Hola México San Felipe! No puedo esperar a que visite el mes que viene!
Thanks for the pictures Johnny! I'll be sure to buy you a beer and a shot in Ensenada!

Last chance to avoid going Blond...

Creo que el gringo quería decir "ciego"?

Pero Rubio funciona bien también!

muy bien!

BARS AND BIKES BLOG Now go and Tap That!

por favor no me informe al blogger. Me comprometo a mantenerla limpia a partir de ahora, realmente puedo hacer.

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Ea$yCo said...

nice! I was in the pemex shot behind Caleb and to the right...never saw this pic before!Bill was having trouble with his hex shaft during this photo. He made a new one in Ensenada.