Sunday, April 10, 2011

Eternal Combustion

Popeye? No. A relative of Marty Feldman perhaps? No. It's Craze!
 Thanks to Craze from Eternal Combustion since I "won" a Molotov Fuel Cell at the North Drinks with South 2 event! It's a definite O.S.P. (One Sweet Product)! That'll be going with me on the upcoming El Diablo Run fo shu nuff! I've been taking pictures of Craze for some time now and I think you'll agree, he doesn't disappoint (check out that top snap)!
Lo Pro Sportster Seat
Dude has a plethora of other stink-proof bad ass products you'll be hard pressed to find, fab, or juice anywhere else! He be coming to a town near you in the future so stop by his shop and tell him "Howde Doo!"
or tell him the Lady Hump sent yah, and he'll reply, "Who? Nahhh, I don't know that guido."

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