Monday, April 4, 2011

Gasser Lounge Japan Relief *pics*

 Some serious mad props to Mikey B., and all those who donated swag and art for the raffle and auctions (I heard some of the bids and ~~~WOW~~~, that's great!) over at the Gasser Lounge on Saturday 4/2/11. Am told that it was yet another off the hook night of fun times.
Sounds like there was some really good stuff in the glasses too...
"we'll be featuring IPA, pale ale, smoked porter and arrogant bastard by stone brewing company as well as gnarley wine and pils by lagunitas brewing company all for just $5.  we're also featuring tito's handmade vodka and veev acai spirit cocktails for just $6.  100% of the sales of these products will go directly to relief efforts of the American Red Cross in Japan!"


pics by Alizon sent via cellaphonic Phonateckna. Thanks!
(On a side note, we're looking into local hotels and prices for those of you who've asked the Hump about coming down to a Bike Night and getting plastered beyond recognition. Because, that IS going to happen. What you do once you stumble back to your hotel room is another story. There's no stables or petting zoo's around that I know of, but you're close to the water and you could always practice your "shark punching" skills? Again, that's up to you. There's several close within walking distance and I'll get that info up as soon as I can. ~Allen)

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Johnny No said...

Great move on the hotel stuff ...... I actually never thought of it but if not I will never make it back home .....atleast not that nigth anyway???