Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Long Beach ain't jus fo Waffles

 Thee Cormans Van at the Long Beach Cycle Swap. Killing it.
 Some cool stuff (dig that green full face). DO
 This is where I'm trying to talk Kit into (next year) making Trophy Helmet's if we do another WUSS RIDE. Nothing like winning a giant "flying vagina" or "swollen johnson" or "juice pounder" pink, purple, or "dripping peach" orange trophy to hang on your wall. Hang on your wall????
Hell! Riiide that sucka'! 
Come on Kit, let's start painting.
 Not sure if this was someone's idea of a gag or if it was something else? It had to be someone's "inside joke" and hella funny if the owner started getting calls unwarranted from potential buyers while he was strolling through the swap. "Hey wait a minute my cell phones ringing again... What? No. No., I'm not selling my bike... what do you mean there's a sign on it??? a what frame, hu? what? No..... Damnit you guys?!!!!!"
 The motor is a 1970 serial (...H0), but listed as a 72 pan? Is this that episode of SOA where they tell the former patched member they want to show him a bike, then torch his ink off? (Oh man, I can't believe you knew that much of the show...) 
If the numbers were correct (and I doubt it in this case) $3K just can't be right??? Someone was pulling a leg. Had to be. So, until someone spills the beans, it'll be DONT PASS GO!

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