Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Looking for a One-Night Stand...in Photographer

Anyone planning on attending the upcoming Hippy Killer Hoedown III and willing to take a few amateur pictures on behalf of the Lady Hump blog please get in touch with me HERE. I've finally collected enough donations and will be having my mangina enlarged during this same weekend and will regrettably be unable to attend (I know, I know, but crim'ey, pick me a weekend with nothing else going on. It ain't going to be easy...). You know this blogs style of photography; Sportsters Sportsters and Sportsters. Plus any other cool bikes there (and yes, I'll admit there's some other cool bikes in So-Cal somewhere, maybe) add some crazy antics and zany hooligans~! Throw in a couple more Sportster shots on top and blend well into the blogosphere. Anyway, so what's it worth to you? Well, how about some free swag. So if you're planning on attending and willing to make a commitment, get in touch with me and we'll square things up with a old school biblical "testimony" shake on it.

If no one steps up, it'll be all pictures of my operation...

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