Friday, April 29, 2011

New Cycle Source SWASTIKA Gloves by Bilt

 Check it out, just got the new Cycle Source mailer in the mail and opened it up, BOO-YAH! First thing I see is some new Bilt Swastika Gloves!!! Remember, this is the knock-off BILTWELL label brand by Cycle Source and has nothing to do with the true Biltwell Inc. company. And for that reason, as if you need another, I say Hail No! Look at that deal, buy the left glove and get the fascist glove for free! (How dumb do they think we are? really?) They always promise peace and prosperity in the beginning but before you know it, the left will start fighting with the right and you'll end up with ... (insert your own punch line here). You can also get your goose steppin' on with some Bilt Boots!
Incredible Value!
"... No fraulein, pimping ain't easy."

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