Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Nothing Lasts Forever...

 Then it was time for the ride home. The fun times arn't over yet, they're just out there with the thunder you've got to chase it to mate with it. Nothing stays the same, nothing lasts forever, except mistakes and taxes... so. You might recognize some of these people.
 You might recognize yourself?
 But if you didn't make it...
 ... all I can say is ...
 you missed it.

Many thanks to Beerbreed for putting on the (now famous!) North Drinks with South 2 party and camping trip. There's a 3rd installment coming later in the year and I highly encourage you to make it a priority event if you enjoy some serious manhuggary and douchebochary! The good times roll all the way into camp and straight into a self induced coma!

The rumors abound ~ the next NDWS #3 location and exact dates (late August sometime?) will be announced after the EDR!

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