Saturday, April 30, 2011

Trust me Honey, you don't need a kitchen...

The race to the El Diablo Run is ripe with testimony and tear-down, excuses and abuses, trials and titillation (yum on the later!) Here's how the conversation went, smooth or otherwise;
"Honey. I have a proposition for you. You know how you're always asking me to do more around the house? Well, today is your lucky day. Today we are going to remodel the Kitchen. We putting the stove, the cabinets, the dishwasher, and the microwave out on the porch. We're putting the refrigerator out in the garage cause we don't want any raccoons or the neighborhood kids to steal the beer..."
 "What? No. I don't know how that helps you? We just need more space to work on the bikes! Trust me, it'll be like bar-b-que'n every meal. It'll be fun! ... wait why are you going to your mothers?"
But here's what really happened: The Starter gear seized on its shaft, locking the gearbox up and send my kicker thru full rotation and locking up. Which caused a complete freeze on the freeway and produced one of the meanest raddest 1000 foot skids ever!

There's plenty of time.

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Time To Fly said...

Good luck man we'll see ya there!