Tuesday, April 26, 2011


If it seems like Jesus is 9 feet tall, it's because he's floating that high off the ground! Amazing...
either that, or it was midget night at the Gasser. But, it wasn't.

Mary "Maggie" De'Leon got down with the sickness too. I don't know her name, I just made that up.

Not your average anything is it? Imagine your favorite bar. Now imagine your favorite house party with all your best friends and their best friends and a herd of Unicorn riding naked Valkyrie's. Now imagine your favorite CD collection with the discs you thought your ex had broken, stolen or burned, and add a trip to your favorite Taco Stand. Now imagine what you can only imagine in your wildest dreams with whip cream and mix all that imagery together in a blender with a stiff shot of alcohol. Pour over ice and serve generously.

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