Monday, April 25, 2011


What's that you say? The tomb was empty when you looked in here? How can that be? Who did then steal the body of our most loved?

... awkward unnecessary dramatic pause ...

...Wait a minute, what's all this smoke and bright light? Could it be? ... Jesus, is that you?
Ladies and Gentlemen. Introducing the one, the onlyyyyy....

"I'm Back!"

Once again, and there was never any real doubt what-so-ever, the Gasser Lounge in Redondo Beach put on on awesome "Welcome Back Jesus" party April 23rd, 2011. Mikey B., the humble host, invited the one and only to help usher in the festive tide. There's no denying it, the Gasser Lounge has classed it up to the most high level. Salute! Visit the website and get yourself on the Mailing List (at the bottom of the home page), they do that Facebook thing too. You don't want to miss these shin digs. More pics coming.

Disclaimer: Not Applicable.

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