Monday, May 9, 2011

Chicks on Sportsters

 The Fall Guy (now that's Hollywood biker image pre-OCC. Blue Oyster Bar stereotypes and Sportsters, hand-in-hand).
 Luckiest Speedometer on the entire Planet!
"The liberating feeling ______ gets from operating her bike is too incredible to describe, she said. She likes to feel the wind blowing through her hair and the thrill of the open road, especially if it’s curvy."
I'll bet 2/3 of the out of shape fat guys in the audience couldn't lift it up either if they had to. America is too Fat people... and we accept eating garbage like we accept raising gas prices. We don't even laugh at ourselves anymore cause we lost interest in the joke. We just zombie-like march through it and pay whatever pump price they hike it up to. Marketing Executives are the new Lawyers, never to be trusted in anything they say or hawk.

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