Friday, May 20, 2011

EDR ~ More Break Downs, No Slowing Down ~ (19 of 20)

 Except for the constant presence of trash everywhere a road went, the countryside was beautiful to look at. Someone should just drive around and collect all the discarded tires and this place would look 50% better. As for the trash, that's a long time collecting.
Yeah, I'm riding Wendy's old shovel. I bought it some time back. Some people ask about it. That's cool. Bottom line is, it's bad ass always has been. Takes 100 miles like a run around the block, is comfortable, and hasn't given me any problems other than needed a new battery, new points, and the occasional oil change. If it ain't broke, don't fix it! This is her 4th time on the EDR, my 1st. She already knew the route. I was merely a passenger. Shout out to Spartan Frameworks for creating such a bitchin' bike. (And the irony, this post is titled "more break downs" and there was ZERO problems with La Loca Borracha! word hommies!).

Craig (in Orange shirt) chase truck driver "pulled" it through. This is his second tour of duty for the Chase Division. Look for him next at the Riiiot.
 Doug's shovel gave up the ghost twice on the road west but with a little voodoo and a sprinkle of electrical mojo, she came back to life each time! The third death was just an empty gas tank... so that's not magical nor spectacular.
Shawn is class act (and "appeal" is his middle name)(last name "wheelie!")

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