Thursday, May 12, 2011

EDR or BUST ... Looks like a Bust to me? (5 of 20)

 Running behind the un-official official time schedule, we made it to the Pizza Hut before leaving the country and entering Mexicali, Baja, Mexico.
 At which point everything took a turn for the worse! About 4 or 5 miles in, the chase vehicle alternator decided it didn't want to go on the trip and we made the hard decision to turn around and go back to the U.S.A. You know how you always hear "You can get it fixed cheap in Mexico." That's probably true, but not wanting to spend the entire trip in Mexicali waiting for a part and installation, we decided to unzip the pants and put the measuring stick to good use.
 Speaking of big things, man arn't these some big bottles of O.J. flavored stuff at the Mexican Walmart?
 So we hunkered down at a local place, we found was ran by a V.P., and we put the rest of the day to enjoying our own "mini-El Diablo Run Norte." The pool made things better. Much better.
 (I can only tell you, the other half of our little South Bay / Gasser Lounge crew continued on into Mexico and to the first night of the festivities at Kiki's and Ruben's. They got there pretty late, but were able to secure Palap's for our eventual arrival...)
 The next morning; Identify the problem. Fix it. Simple. Seriously, the Stedman's can "Handle It". Some total stand alone D.I.Y. people skills.
What's any of this got to do with the EDR? Well, you can only assume we continued on the journey, and it is the journey that counts.

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