Wednesday, May 11, 2011

EDR Take~Off from Denny's (3 of 20)

First off, cheers to Biltwell and Chop Cult, Bill, McGoo, and Mike D., and anyone and everyone else who helped plan and/or organize or sponsor this event. Thank you.

8:00 AM Sharp means 8:00 AM Sharp! Take off from the Temecula Denny's. We stuck around abit to take pictures and travel at "Wuss" speed since that's how we roll. No point in breaking a belt or such before we even get there. I'll say it right now, and I'll say it again later, there weren't enough people "planning ahead" for the break-downs that were sure to come. Hell, we had our own when the Chase Truck hauling the 3-Rail lost the Alternator (more on that later) and one of our riders went down on an Ironhead. When Bill says "have a back-up plan" that pretty much tells you expect the worse! Most of the extra parts I brought along for my shovel, just in case something bad happened along the route, were graciously donated to other bikers. 
Mexico is unforgiving. Mexico don't play that hommie!
Plugs, switches, fuel lines, 50W, brake fluid, a handful of nuts and bolts, my battery charger, fuses, wrenches, spare gas from the chase, whatever else I can't remember, and the always necessary COLD HARD CASH donated to the cause. Funny but true: several people had a good laugh over the fact I brought along 12 tie-downs, "What are you going to use 12 tie-downs for? ha ha ha!" but in the end we used every one of them.
To whoever stole Dans wallet, burn in hell. And to the guy who broke his leg "Get well soon and glad we could help!" Hope you made it home safe to Texas. "Yee Haw!" I think ya'll say, right? Say that here in Hollywood, and it mean's a little somethin' else me thinkest. Not positive.


Motorradfahrer said...

Great pictures, as always! Keep'em coming.

Whose Sportster is that in the first picture? Looks good with the new Biltwell seat.

All3n said...

That's Canadian Shawn. He rode his Honda chopper, and someone else rode his Sporty. And yeah, that's the new seat! Looks real good.