Sunday, May 22, 2011

EDR ~ The Villa Marina ~ (20 of 20)

Well, that was 20 posts for the El Diablo Run 2011. Hope you enjoyed them. I have (seriously) a lot more stuff and i'll post it up in due time. I just gotta think that twenty posts in a row is enough for anyone at one time. As I can, I'll throw up some more but I don't want everyone getting all butt hurt that all I ever post is EDR pictures because I could do that for the next two months straight without blinking. Hell, I got more Sportster pictures I'll slap myself if I don't put them up.

I'm going to throw it out one more time; if you plan on attending a run such as this, or any other event where you'll be out of your "safe zone" please plan on anything that could go wrong, IS going to go wrong. If the host recommend bringing $500 cash, there's probably a pretty good reason they're telling you you'll need that much. How bad would it suck if you strand yourself 90 miles from the United States, broke, a case of crabs, without gas and without a back-up plan. It ain't fun. Spare parts, spare tools, extra gas, you'll find you need it. Know your machine. Who am I to preach? No one. No one at all. I'm just trying to save you from fucking up when it's not necessary. I love helping the crashed or broke down brother, but shit, you can't have a family full of retards and expect the postman not to notice. It's a dirty job but someone's got to do it. See you soon sex kittens!

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