Sunday, May 29, 2011

Kiki's in San Felipe and How Stupid is 'Merican Peoples?

Some random shots from Kiki's in San Felipe on the El Diablo Run 2011. And yeah, we can get pretty stupid without a lot of effort. There's a fine line somewhere when going to far, really isn't going far enough and pushing the limits is sometimes better done by pulling, but I digress in my aptitude for explaining things in order. To the guy or guys who lit fireworks all night long, I salute you. Maybe not the best idea to shot them directly at the resort office and night watch employee monitoring our festivities, but all in all no one got burns over areas larger than 2% of their body and that's always a good thing.

And as I look back on the EDR, todays headlines in the news make is crystal clear why getting out of the country for a week can never be a bad thing. Hell, who would be able to function correctly if they didn't know that Amy Winehouse was going back INTO rehab; "The British soul singer checked into the Priory Clinic in the UK Wednesday, reportedly at her dad's insistence. Good job Daddy. She was seen downing a mini bottle of vodka on the way to the facility "in typical Amy style,"You go Girlfriend!  a friend told the celebrity magazine." or some other life altering horrific celebrity news. I'm sure the country will do fine missing Ophra (if I never see her gullet on t.v. again I might be okay), Obama, Osama, or any other "O" or any other (insert alphabetic letter here X) in our lives... why watch a Hangover on the big screen when you can live one? Does America really Got Talent? Do they? And should kids all over the country really be emotionally drained after hearing Lady Gaga speak on a documentary, that there's still hope for humanity? Because without her, there wouldn't be! O-M-G! I gotta text everyone I know right NOW! There was a time ages past when I read some graffiti, that said something attune to "Kill Your Television" and I didn't get it, but I do now... if only Son's of Anarchy wasn't so damn important to the motorcycle world.


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