Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Long Beach DO's and DONT's

 DO Have one of the most bitchin' rear fenders available (and not available) out there!
 Let the cool factor hover above the rim of your adult internet accompaniment beverage as you take it all in.
 Three DO's; Unicorn, Half Naked Valkyrie type Warrior Chick, and the Whyte Tyger!
 Not exactly Cycle-Related, but close enough to warrant an acceptable DO by default. Mind you, too much of that re-pop shit in the same vein would land you a DONT, but a limited amount amongst a larger content still classifies as a DO.
 That's a DO w/ a TITLE!
The Chicken Leg I'm after for the sake of Dragon Blood Shots! Individually the man who's got balls enough to run on a Chopper receives a DO. If it's a theme bike overall inspired by and painted with the graphics of Eagle heads and Harley Loserson's Logos gets a DONT.

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