Friday, May 6, 2011

Not in Mexico? Then go here instead...

Tell me again why you arn't in Mexico??? Well, you better make something of the weekend then, and I highly recommend getting your grub on at this party.
Saturday May 7th from 3-9 pm at Garage Company, another Bike Night hosted by Yoshi in Inglewood CA., at one of the best garage's in So Cal (and it's a museum too!). Check it out.

Some pictures from the Knucklehead Debut party Yoshi had for the Born Free 3 give-away back on March 12th 2011. (You can still get your tickets at this party). I recommend the chicken wings! 

Then later on that same night you can hit up the Tesla Show at South Bay Customs...
both shows are about two miles apart, with LAX in between them.

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