Sunday, May 1, 2011

Top Ten Reasons I'm NOT going on the EDR 2011

 10.) I'm getting a new tattoo. These things take time to heal properly you know? Duh.
 9.) Sometimes opportunities present themselves. No pictures!
 8.) I think it's more than I can handle?
 7.) I finally met someone online who swears her parents are going to be out of town that same weekend.
6.) I've got some other plans that don't involve going past the driveway.
 5.) I don't want to have to pick up any hitch-hikers.
 4.) There's another rally that same day that more of what I'm into.
 3.) I'm not going to be able to shower with other men... any more.
 2.) I heard mexican gas is not good for my engine.
1.) I dont trust any of you guys after what you did to me at Slab City.

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