Friday, May 20, 2011

WINNING in Enenada ~ Half Marathon 1st Place!

 The gangs all here to show support along the course for the Ensenada Half Marathon! Yeah, I bought my own fan club. Beer get's a lot of people to show up!
 Here's a novelty Go Pro helmet cam shot during the race. That's the Villa Marina in the foreground up ahead, most El Diablo Run riders where there nursing hangovers or nearby trying to hold onto the earth because whatever concoctions they'd drunken the night before caused gravity to FAIL the ability to hold them onto the planet. I passed many a biker holding onto Alto signs or a palm tree for dear life.
 Looks like Atom Rotten got a shot of one pretty sexy obnoxious runner (which would be ... the Senorita ahead of me, come on? I ain't got that big o' ego! I know I'm fugly.)  Check his blog for full details on the race. BEER BREED Rules!
Brought me home a nice shinny medal to hang on my garage wall. Winning!

Give me three minutes and a picture, and I'll make up the best blog post you can imagine. As long as you have low standards and high alcohol consumption. Of the three minutes, the first two will be to pound 2 beers, the third will be all quality bang for your buck Senorita! 

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