Monday, June 20, 2011

Blue Collar Moto does San Pedro *pics*

Blue Collar Moto does San Pedro! 6/19/2011
Met up with Chris / Blue Collar Moto and the "gang" who were riding around the Green Horn (Palos Verdes) dropping down into the San Pedro flats for the annual Fathers Day Celebration at Century Motorcycles (located on the corner of 17th and Pacific. If you ever get the chance, stop by for a peek.)
Anyway, had a great time at breakfast, and yeah, that's Lucifer on 2-wheels thanks to a bud! He's still waiting to fix his own bike after his last crash left the frame slightly twisted. There was rain around the old Marine Land area, and the group delved up into the fog capped hills above Western for a (would have been except for the fog...) scenic view of the greater Los Angeles basin (which is always a beautiful sight, if you like overcrowded congested half-million dollar ghetto 3 bedroom/2 bath dotted horizons as far as the eye can see...). Thanks Chris, glad somebody put this (ride to event) together!

 Is this the new Factory HD-MX Helmet? Nope. Just a bit of creativity.
Traffic Jam. Everybody want's to park in the same spot. Bikes ended up and down the street for blocks.

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