Thursday, June 2, 2011

El Cajon

 Decided to go down to San Diego and join the BeerBreed for their (weekly) Wednesday Ride. Missed meeting them at the starting point, but caught up with them (barely) in the secluded little town of El Cajon for the "Cajon Classic Cruise" night. Who knew traffic would suck coming out of Los Angeles, through O.C. and down into San Diego? (me). The city (?) runs this car show from April through December every sweet Wednesday. Check out some (not all) of the upcoming theme's;
June 8Camaro Evolution
June 15Minis and More from Across the Pond
June 22Clean and Green
June 29Call of Duty: Salute to U.S. Military
July 6Rat Rod Rally
July 13Motorcycle Mayhem (there's a road trip!)
July 20Cajon Classic Convertibles

 Whoa, nice trike.
 Tonights theme was "funny cars" and they had a bunch of them out, but we got there late and wanted to wet our whistle. So we kinda missed the whole "shoot as many pics as you can" until the next stop... along the BeerBreed ride. (Tomorrow's post)


Brady said...

Motorcycle Mayhem looks like a badass reason to get on the road.

Behind Bars - Motorcycles and Life

All3n said...

That's what I'm thinking...