Sunday, June 26, 2011

Fishing at BORN FREE 3

 Yep. There were people (kids) fishing the Fishin' Hole at Born Free 3! Caught some pretty big Cat Fish too. So when you have a mega event such as this has turned into, and I don't know what else to call it but the biggest thing to "happen overnight" I can recall, it's easy to get overwhelmed in the "mega" of it all. There were literally thousands of bikes on both lots, there were literally thousands more on the route to Born Free 3 as I was heading out (had to jet before the awards...). I'm sure a crafty photography could have snapped up a "Million Bike Exodus" when the Knuckle Winner was announced and the sea of bikers, motorcycle enthusiasts, and spectators caused one of the biggest bike traffic jam in Southern California over the last, ? I don't know, ever.
 Born Free 3 
 Right when the show was about to open, those "vendors" who had camped with their wares overnight started lining up their bikes. I believe (and I might still be totally wrong on this one) that this is one of the Haints bikes outta Alabama (I've got pretty good odds I'm right, since it had Alabama plates on her?) and was one (if not thee) my favorite Sportster on the lot. Just gave me a feeling that if she could talk, she'd say, "Don't call me Nightster, Shirley!" And the empty lot you see in the background there, was not empty by noon.

July will have a Born Free 3 post almost every day Lady Hump style. Hopefully more details than mega-tales, but I gotta admit, it was overwhelming and focusing became a (non-alcoholic induced) problem.

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