Friday, June 17, 2011

Hell On Wheels (5 of 14) Period Correct for the 90's

Went from a Sportster, to a Panhead, to a West Coast Choppers bike in one post! Way I figure it is, ten or twenty years from now, all those WCC bikes will be for sale cheap!!! ... Wrong. Maybe not? Maybe, they'll be the "Period Correct" bikes from the late 90's??? We'll see, but by then this blog will be nothing more than a remnant of a long dead internet. No one will surf the web anymore. Kids will wear telvision-shirts that replay videos images "Justin Don't Surf" (in reference to the/then US/Canada/Mexican Robot Hologram President Justin Bieber). The Future Son! I've seen it, and it ain't got perky tits. Not by a long shot... on the plus side, well, there isn't a plus side. Sorry.

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