Thursday, June 16, 2011

I was with a homegirl at her mom's pad ...

... and what do I see? A fuckin' cast metal or whatever the fuck material it is Unicorn! LOL!!!!!!! That'll make one of the best trophy's there is!

 Little is known about the production of brass during the centuries immediately after the collapse of the Roman Empire. Disruption in the trade of tin for bronze from Western Europe may have contributed to the increasing popularity of brass in the east and by the 6th–7th centuries AD.
Thanks for the submissions Lucifer! Always funny stuff. 

I had also though that this ring around a cylindrical curved head, pink or purple cast in lucite, trophy might also be appropriate? I'd call it the coveted "Horn Ringer."


Johnny Wolf said...

I'd take that (free standing uni) to someone (Chopper Dave) who could cast it in aluminum. You'd sell a shit ton of 'm!

Fashion Serial Killer said...