Monday, June 13, 2011

Lady Hump ends the discussion ~ The Worlds #1 Sportster is ~ DER LOVE FUHRER !!!

OFF !!!
It's not very often I go to the pain and trouble to hand out awards half a'year early! But, this is no ordinary Sportster, this is Erik's ~  
~ ~ ~ Der Love Fuhrer! ~ ~ ~

Check that exhaust tip! Wholly Molly Mammoth Spikes! Hello Kitty stickies (always get's the chicks from round the bar I'm sure!), PINK UNICORN SOLDIER OF LOVE, Dig the rigid "looking" / seat set-up (not seen like that over here...), Chin-Scratcher Handle-Bars, politically correct helmet decal (and a chop cult'er to boot!),  So whad'ja win? .... A spot in my years end TOP 20 and some bad ass Street Cred with a double scoop of Respect! Thanks for the pictures Erik. They really show some style and class my man.

Submissions always encouraged! Originality is NOT period correct.

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