Thursday, June 9, 2011

My first blog, age 2

Notice the resemblance to my header (top of blog)? Back then all I blogged about was sticking things in my mouth, drinking, and throwing up. Now that I've grown up and have a life of my own destiny, all I blog about is sticking things in my mouth, drinking, and trying not to throw up. Priorities people. Everyone has an opinion about blogs. Mine's not the most retarded there is, but I have high hopes of one day achieving such. Really I just talk smack, internet thug the obvious (stick in my eye), and share what I do best; putting things in my mouth, drinking, and hopefully entertaining you with photography of Sportsters and related Sportster events/rides/camping trips/etc. Sometimes I steal pictures (it's a blog right?) but 75% of the time it's all me dog. Sometimes I run out of pictures, that's when I start getting all "I'm going to write something grand!" and man, well you know, the things that come to my mind. I should stop blogging and write books, but books are dead. Print is dead. The internet is dead. Marketing new factory motorcycles is way dead. It's like an original thought from the Borg collective. "We will assimilate your Kulture. Resistance is futile. Live to Ride, Ride to Live." Nope. I have a resume that consists of and exclamation mark and a period, with a leg on either side. There's a moon-base-structure on Mars and everyone denies it's existence. I think the entire planet of Mars has a helmet law... I wonder if they have emission laws too? This blog is not real. Two more days until Hell On Wheels, and the day after that the Cretins swap meet. Hope to see y'all there!

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