Sunday, June 5, 2011

Public Service Announcement ~ Where's the Tunes?

 You might have noticed that some of your favorite blogs are now missing their regularly scheduled soundtrack. This is TRUE. It seem's that in their ignorant wisdom, that has decided to disable the AUTOSTART feature of their user music collections. This is from a statement on their very own FAQ / Forum >
I'm sorry to say that the auto-start for embedded players is no longer available. This is because of sites and web users not happy to be hit with unsolicited music that might interrupt any other ongoing listening experience. If somebody visiting your playlist wants to listen it then they can always click to play.Hope this is helpful and sorry for any inconveniences!

Well, what a pathetic sorry excuse for (not) making an option that goes a little like this, AUTOSTART "ON" and AUTOSTART "OFF." It's complicated, like "one click" yes/no complicated. So that's all it took for me to leave Playlist and begin the search for a new host for the Lady Hump tunage you're all so fond of enjoying as you surf through the genius and garbage that is this blog. This is what is sounds like, when NO Dove's Cry... 

UPDATE: Using MIXPOD right now. If you know another better source for spinning wax poetic, let me know...

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