Friday, June 3, 2011

Tower Bar (Pt.1)

Beerbreed's third and final stop for the Wednesday Night Ride was the Tower bar, located at 4757 University Drive. Lore has it the building was originally designed as part of a theater but was to function (or did) as a Drive-Through Soda Fountain. Now, having worked as a Soda Jerk for the Farrelle's Ice Cream Parloure empire through schooling, I could see the potential, but as an avid drinker, I can really see the potential for this place as a (dare I say it?) Biker Bar. (It never comes out right, but think bar where you can ride your motorcycle too and not have to deal with barflies and/or too tight cardigan sweaters on dudes. I don't even want to say "hip" place, cause "hipsters" have ruined that word too. Just like so many other things...). "Oh Hello. Have you been to the French Riviera this season my Dear?" It's said the place was originally Octagonal in structure, glass windows surrounding, and had swinging double doors on five sides! Man that must have been a good neighborhood back then! THere was also a glassed in observation deck on the second floor (now a tattoo parlor. Perfect!)

Had a rough time getting a picture of the place since it was dark, but you can kinda see the tattoo place on top and the bar section underneath. You have to use your imagination and put these puzzle pieces together.

Take a couple walls, more than necessary. Add cheap priced booze, motorcycles, a DJ spinning punk rock, live music after that, a tattoo parlor up top and a all idiots shall flock. This place really was COOL!
Thrown up gang signs is cool when you're on the internet! I'm rocking the DOUBLE SEE MY THUMBS GEE YOUR DUMBS!

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