Saturday, June 4, 2011

Tower Bar (Pt.2)

The Tower Bar has a 110 foot hollow monumental pylon (read: a tower) on the top of the building made to resemble the empire state building. Originally it had clocks on all sides of the top of the tower structure, but those were removed because neighborhood kids would shoot them out with BB Guns or Sling Shots. God Damn, Dennis the Menace!
The ground floor has always been a restaurant or bar, it's had some additions build since originally constructed. It' plenty big if you want to check out some live music or have your biker posse roll in for a rootin' tootin' (ice cream less) party. Plenty of bike parking. On the night I went, I'm told the popcorn machine was broken, so I can't brag about how good the corn was.
Two Words: Duct. Tape.
Three Words: You Are Screwed. 
A hole in a piston is never a good thing.


BeerBreed said...

Good stuff bud! Thanks for taking the time to hit up ride night. We will get one together to Laguna Nigel and the Swallows Inn soon!

Beaner said...

Allen, From now on Duct Tape shall be known as "Wisconsin Chrome".